Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bou Mitsukara

(sooooo, sorry this was late. TT)

hello all! my name is Bou Mitsukara! these are just a few things that you might like to know about me. ...

Birth date & Age: 24 years old. April 3.

Height: 5”4

Eye Color: brown

Build: tall and slim, rather feminine

Sex/Gender: male

Physical adjectives: short. thin. androgynous. ^.~

Personality Type:

Main personality traits: bubbly and happy, sometimes shy and overemotional.

Disposition: calm. i dont like to fight.

Self-image: cute. my band dresses in drag, and i think its fun, so i do keep a rather
girly demeanor. i guess i got used to it over the years and it just kinda stuck ^^

Marital Status: SINGLE!!! im to young to be tied down!

Place in Family: only child

Personal Data

Education: high school and self tutored.

Occupation: i did a gig at a school in Hawaii, fell in love with the state, and now i
work there as a temp at the same school! how weird is that? ^-^ i mostly work in the school library and run errands for teachers.

Ethnicity: Japanese. moved to Hawaii three years ago.

Hobbies: playing music, manga, fashion. (Miku drags me shopping all the time. )

Ambitions: to be successful going solo in my music career. (im a little scared to be on my own though, but my friends are supporting me.)

Friends: Kanon, Miku, Teruki. (from my band)


Favorite Color: bright yellow (im a very bright person.)

Favorite book: wow! too many to choose from! any Dan Brown books. Digital fortress was kick ars! the magic circle series, will of the empress, once and future king, midsummer nights dream, throne of Isis, the Holy Grail, Thud!, Chick is back, the sight, firebringer....shall i go on?

Favorite Food: tempura and miso, but not asian miso, only tai miso. ^^

Favorite Animal: panda (kawaii! <333)

Favorite Activity: being with friends, reading, and playing guitar.


Shadowfane said...

wtf! huck finn??!! that is so bogus! how can they want to ban huck finn?!Twain does you some bad language, but it was NOT meant to offend the people reading it! this was how people talked in that era! And Twain actually HUMANIZED African Americans in his book, when they were thought of as "animals" by all others!!

Shadowfane said...

and as an add-on to my other post, i think that banning books is wrong and very Hitler-like! come one people, you wanna go back to the old days were women cant vote as well? or how about when kids only had to go to school for like, two years? yeah, that worked well

Shelly4thHour said...

I agree so much with you, somme of my favorite books are controversial because people can not open thier minds and see the lessons or others teachings from things they want to ban. Most of the books they are challengeing only are being challenged for things that happened everyday its a part of reality, we shoudl be able to read about it.

Shelly4thHour said...

oh that last comment was from me

Mackin said...
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Mackin said...

I agree completely! I think it is wrong to ban The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. While I can see how someone might initially interpret it as insulting, the way Twain has Jim speak in sounds, rather than words, and therefore appear dumb, there is also growth throughout the story. The sounds described in the book are just used to give the reader a more vivid characterization of Jim. Words spoken by the white characters are also written a certain way when said with an accent; it is not meant to ostracize the black community. Also- Twain wrote this book with a point. It was a work of satire, meant to point out societal flaws, and this is clear to the readers as they read. I think it is insulting for the PTSA to suggest that we can't see the satirical intent! We don't assume that the book is an example of the way we should act in society. It is a reflection of how society was at one point, and to take it off the shelves and possibly forget it, would be an insult to Twain himself.

Love, Ben Hogan

Breezy said...

Your views on the banned books problem is amazing. There are so many books that should not be banned. Just like Huck Finn. Agreed that the book may have some crude language, but it puts so much more into perspective, than us just learning some bad words. There are more to these books that the PTSA thinks. We basically are a new generation and there are somethings we should be able to learn, so we can become knowledgeable in the end. I definitely agree with your view on the banned books!

kyle said...

Yes Bou! I totally agree. I mean after all, this is high school. I think high schoolers are mature enough to read some cuss words and scenes about sex. Limiting what students read is more harmful than helpful.

Mr. Adam Tucker

Shadowfane said...

wow, i love you people! im glad i came to this school! Ben, your way of speaking on this topic blows me away! you put out so many good points! Theo, i agree that we can learn so much from these books. its pointless to ban them because they might be to "graphic" because thats life! i mean, if they ban these books because of a little indecensy, then who's to say that people wont try to limit what we do in life? soon they are going to be saying, no sex! or, no researching different points of view because they dont coexist with our perspective! its just like Anaya says, its all a part of reality and life! Mr. Tucker, as a teacher, your opinion means alot, and i wish that all adults -mainly the bookburning nazis that call themselves the PTSA- thought like you as well.
thank you so much for responding to these little rants of mine. i really appreciate it. ^^

Shadowfane said...

oh, and Anaya, you said that some of your favorite books are contriversal? i think thats wonderful!
in my opinion, if a book doesn't challenge a readers way of thinking, then its not a really good book at all. just look at Angles and Demons, and Pope Joan! they challenged the church and the views millions of christians had on their religion! thats HUGE!
there may have been allot of people opposing books like these, but that dosent mean that people shouldent read it. the churches opposed those types of books because they were afraid to be challanged in any way. but what hurts us makes us stronger is what i say! no more self sacrificing mutilation for me i say! (not that i ever did it ^^)
you are all right. As teenagers, its your JOB to question things. (well, not you Mr. Tucker.) if people didn't step up and voice such things like humans are SUPPOSED to, we'd still be in the dark, shitting in a hole, and, beating small animals with large wooden clubs, grunting because the gods of rain were pissed off and there was no water to collect in the freaking pond!!!!
....wow. sorry. anyway, thats what i think. i apologize for my language....

~Bou Mitsukara

Dezzi said...

I do agree with you on that these books should not be banned, but I have a question, how is it "hitler-like?" as far as i kno hitler never banned books.......


Shadowfane said...

Aimee, the nazis had a book burning phase. any books that the boss man found "threatening" to his cause, he ordered burned.

Shadowfane said...


theres a link on the "reasons" hitler had.

sam said...

Hey Bou! I would have to agree with you, on the whole book banning thing. The PTSA can't take away books from us just because of its content. These books give us a glimpse of the world in a different light and I think its important not to go in to the real world being naive about what it is really like. And these books show us that the world isn't always happy and that everything is good.
-Chloe Parker