Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Everyone! Okay so my name is Barbie! Ah Im like super friendly and love shopping! I mean like hello who doesn't? I go to Maui High School in Honolulu! Its totally fun and I love it! I moved here when I was eight. My dad wanted to move here cuz he got a really good job. He owns like ten surf shops on this island. its awesome. Im totally funny and I have a ton of friends! I dont want to brag or anything but Im pretty much the best thing on this izland. Im crazy smart and fun to be around. I love my house! its really big and its a fun party house. its always pretty kickin. I love throwing themed parties. Like beach theme or like halloween or whatev. its always fun! My favorite thing to do is chew gum. I love every flavor and I always get bored during school so it passes time.My best friend is Summer Roberts! what up BETCH! haha i heart her. We hang out all the time. So yeah heres a lil more about me!

Physical Description
Birth date & Age: I was born May 23rd 1991
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Atlantic Ocean Blue
Build: Im althletic and I have great legs:)
Weight: 115-120
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde aka gorgeous
Sex/Gender: femail
Physical adjectives: k well im obviously good looking my hair is silky smooth and my curves are kickin

Personality Type
Main personality traits: funny, caring, loving, outgoing, off the hook, OC
Disposition: everyone totally loves me! duh

Marital Status: not married yet.. im only in high school HELLO!? but i have like the best bf ever! ah hes super hot! my bff summer has a bf who is my bf best friend so its totally AWESOME!
Children: nada
Place in Family:youngest. i have two older siblings. one brother ken(21) and an older sister theresa (19)

Immediate Family Members: mom, dad, ken, and theresa. oh and my dog sparky:)

Relatives: most live in IdaHO so i never really see them. i mean hello who wants to go to Idaho? BORING! thank god my parents have brains and moved here!

Personal Data
Education: high school?

Occupation: What the hell? eh no thanks im a model though so look out im gonna be famous soon!
Social Class: definetelty upper! and proud of it betches!

Religion: Lutheran

Ethnicity: white, but i tan alot.

Hobbies: shopping, going to the beach with summer! my (BFF) getting manis and pettis. hanging out with my bf, playing with puppies, massages, buying new cars , going on super expensive vacations etc

Ambitions: marry a millionare

Friends: ha like a zillion

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: chips and salsa! yummy in my tummy

Favorite Beverage: strawberry daquari (virgin unfortunately), diet coke, dp (docta peppa)

Favorite Book: does cosmo count?

Favorite Time of Day: night! party time!

Favorite Day of the Week: friday!

Favorite Season: i like all the seasons cuz its always warm here!

Car: silver BMW convertable

Favorite Sport: lacrosse hockey and volleyball

Favorite Place to Go: summers house and the mall

Favorite Animal: golden retreiver

Favorite Activity: beach volleyball

Mr. Adam Tucker

Hello all. My name is Adam Tucker, or Mr. Tucker as the students of Maui High School would call me. I am the swim coach at the High School and the part-time gym teacher. I enjoy what I do and couldn't imagine myself in any other job. I will tell you a little about myself. I'm currently single and live with my friend in a loft in Honolulu. I went to school at Chaminade University for teaching and working with children. Right out of college and after graduation, I was offered the teaching and coaching position as the Maui High School physical education teacher and swim Coach. Like I said, I love my job and couldnt be happier. I love the faculty as well as the students at the High School and keep a good personable relationship with all of them.
In my freetime, I love to do everything. My interests come in manifold varieties and you seldom find me complaining or refusing something. I am spontaneous and love living my life to the fullest. Some of my main hobbies include teaching (obviously), playing soccer, reading, going to the beach and the mall. I think I've given a good, short and simple description of who I am. If you would like to read more, visit my bio here. Thanks for reading.

Adam Tucker.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Isabel "Izzie" Cortez -student

Personal Info! My name is Isabel Cortez, and my friends call me Izzie. I attend Maui High School in Honolulu Hawaii. I a 16 and a sophomore at Maui High. I moved to Honolulu when I was eight years old, because my dad got a job here. I used to live in Gila, New Mexico. I love it here in Hawaii because it is always warm and it is beautiful. In my family there is 7 children. It sometimes gets crazy, but I love it. I have a twin brother and sister who are 18, an older brother who is 22, a younger brother who is 13, and two younger sisters one 12 and one 8. I play on the soccer and tennis team here in Hawaii. I am on Varsity tennis, but JV soccer. Almost all of my friends play the same sport as me. My dad is a realtor and my mom is a teacher. My mom teaches at Hillside Elementary School. I got a job this past summer at a store called Sweet Tooth. It is a candy and ice cream shop. I work 2-3 times a week and I really like it. During tennis and soccer season, I don't work. My favorite classes are gym and history. I hope to be a history teacher or athletic trainer when I am older. I havn't started really looking at college, but I think the University of Denver looks like a place for me. My oldest brother attends The University of Madison and is graduating this winter. He is becoming a marine biologist. My twin brother is going to The University of San Diego and my sister is going to The University of Texas. I love to hang out with my friends and stay active.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Koukonei Ku

Character Name: Koukonei Ku- Gym Teacher
Physical Description
Birth date & Age: April 24th. 22 years old
Height: 5'6
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Dark brown
Sex/Gender: Female
Physical adjectives: Koukonei is about 5'6 and has a very athletic body. She has dark hair and dark eyes.
Personality Type
Main personality traits: She is really nice and loves meeting new people. She also loves being a gym teacher.
Disposition: She comes off as a really nice, outgoing person.
Self-image: She does not think she is as pretty as she really is. And if she doesn't work out that day she feels fat. But overall she thinks highly of herself.

Marital Status: Single, but is trying to find a nice guy. She has been in bad relationships before and just needs to find someone to make her happy
Children: none
Place in Family: Daughter and sister
Immediate Family Members: She is a daughter to a father and her mother passed away when she was 7. She also has a brother that is 4 years younger.
Relatives: She only talks to her dads parents.

Personal Data
Education: She went to college for physical education
Occupation: Gym teacher and hula dancer on the weekends at a bar.
Social Class: between poor and medium
Religion: Lutheran
Ethnicity: was born and raised in Honolulu
Hobbies: Surfing and biking.
Ambitions: to be able to surf when she is 70 years old
Friends: a couple of girls from the bar, And the bar tender.

Favorite Color: hot pink
Favorite Food: chicken wings
Favorite Beverage: Diet Coke
Favorite Book: Gossip Girl
Favorite Time of Day: Night
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
Favorite Season: Summer
Car: 1990 Volkswagen bug
Favorite Sport: Surfing
Favorite Place to Go: the beach at sunset
Favorite Animal: lizards
Favorite Activity:to surf and hang out with friends

Koukonei loves her job being a gym teacher. Just as long as she is always staying active she is happy. Basically all of her student say she is their favorite teacher. The two girls that cause her the most trouble are Barbie and Summer. They both think that they are to good to participate in gym class. Their excuse is that they do not like to get sweaty.

Pailei and Kalewi are her two favorite people to go surfing with when her day at school ends. Kalewi is a bar tender at a popular bar that Koukonei hulla dances at to help make extra money. Pailei is a house maid at a hotel. She also dances with Koukonei at the bar to make some extra money, she use to dance when she was younger at misses it a lot.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heiki Jones

Character Name: Heiki Jones

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: 4-17-68

Height: 5'1

Eye Color: brown

Build: fat

Weight: 155

Hair Color: black

Sex/Gender: female

Physical adjectives: _playing checkers

Personality Type

Main personality traits: _busybody

Disposition: friendly and sweet

Self-image: I know everything about every one

Marital Status: married

Children: no children

Place in Family: a wife and a aunt of thirteen

Immediate Family Members: my husband Adam Jones (main lander)

Relatives: Four brothers named Hiapo,Lkaika, Kaimi, and Nahoa. Three sisters named Nohea, Meli, and Maka Nani. Thirteen nieces and nephews named Hau'oli, Makana, Lea,Aolani, Mano, Nalani, Niele, Pilialoha, Kei, Laka,Sarah,liz, and Alana. Two sister in laws named Luana married to Hiapo and Betsy married to Kaimi. Three brother in laws named Makana married to Nohea, Kupa`a married to Meli, and John married to Nani.

Personal Data

Education: high school grad.

Occupation: Lunch Lady

Social Class: middle

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Hawaiian native

Hobbies: gossiping and eating

Ambitions: none my life is great

Friends: Kokunei and every one

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: Kalua pig

Favorite Beverage: fresh coconut milk

Favorite Book: People Magazine

Favorite Time of Day: lunch time

Favorite Day of the Week: every school day

Favorite Season: fall

Car: No ride a bike

Favorite Sport: surfing

Favorite Place to Go:to the beach

Favorite Animal: starfish

Favorite Activity: gossiping

Aloha friends, my name is Heiki Jones and I am the lunch lady at Maui High, I have been proudly serving lunch here for nine years. I may not look like a super model but sure a fun lady. I have all natural black hair and dark beautiful brown eyes. I am old enough to work at a high school and thats all you need to know about that. I have been married to my wonderful husband for twenty one years and we have a dog named Rio. We named him that because thats were we first meet. I was there because I was at a surfing contest with my older brother Hiapo. He doesn't surf any more because broke his leg when he went in to a reef during a contest. Now he just bumbs around feeling sorry for him self. Sorry little off track but I just couldn't keep it in. Oh so about me I live with my husband who is a main lander, which is how I got the last name Jones. He works as a hotel manager at the Aloha Pualani Hotel. Oh I heard that Hedi Klum and some unknown guy was there together and they sppent the whole time together. Enough about that, for all you students that are knew at Maui High I am the one you want to be friends with cause I can let you know whats going on at Maui High and I also am the best cook ever. You can say that I am the eyes and ears of the school cause I know who every one is going out with and all the little dirty secrets around school. Like that Yancey Jones was in jail in Dallas for killing a man. Oh and that Mr. Gaizo and Ms. Thomson were kissing in the teachers lounge two days ago. So if you haven't figured out that I know every thing by now then you better figure it out soon cause your reputaion lies in my hands.Oh and remember to pick up your trays after lunch.

Aimee Moore

Character Name: Aimee Moore

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: 11/25/1989, age 18
Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Weight: 115
Hair Color: Brown
Sex/Gender: Female
Physical adjectives:

Personality Type

Main personality traits: Generally easy going, can get very competitive, non-judgmental, athletic
Disposition: kind, caring


Marital Status: single
Children: none
Place in Family: Oldest
Immediate Family Members: Mom (Cyndy), 17 year old brother (Charlie), 9 year old brother (CJ)
Relatives: Lots of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and my grandparents, but none of them live in Hawaii

Personal Data

Education: Senior at Maui High School
Occupation: Hostess at the Old Lahaina Luau restaurant

Social Class: Upper middle class
Religion: Agnostic
Ethnicity: Caucassion
Hobbies: surfing, horseback riding, swimming, lounging on the beach, shopping, beach volleyball, snorkeling
Ambitions: I would love to be able to travel the world some day, go to Australlia (I want to hold a Koala Bear!) and travel Europe. I think that would be a lot of fun.

Friends: I tend to make friends fairly easily, unless we don't have very much in common.


Favorite Color: Green and Blue
Favorite Food: Chicken Abodo
Favorite Beverage: Kahalulu punch
Favorite Book: Crashed
Favorite Time of Day: the night
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
Favorite Season: Spring
Car: Red 2008 Volvo C70 T5 Convertible

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Favorite Place to Go: horseback riding, or laying on the beach and watching the sun set

Favorite Animal: Monkeys

Favorite Activity: Snorkeling

Monday, December 3, 2007

Chloe Parker: Student

Hey everyone, I'm Chloe Parker and I'm 17. I live in Honolulu with my mom , older sister Hailey, younger brother Jude, and my grandparents. My Father pasted away two years ago because of complications with his heart surgery and it was a very though time for my family. Before my father pasted away life was easy, I didn't have to work because my dad spoiled us. But after he passed away he apparently owed a lot of money to the bank and we had to move out of our house in California. We went to go live with my mom's parents in Hawaii. I wish my dad was still here, but I know he is watching over the four of us and making sure everything will be alright.

After we were living in Honolulu for a few months I found a job at Classic Surfboards Hawaii and I am very proud that I am earning my own income and that I don't have to rely on others for money. I actually like Hawaii a lot better then California, this state is so much more laid back and the people here aren't so obsessed with becoming famous. I have took up surfing while I have been living here, it is very relaxing for me, and I have also started to like the outdoors a lot more. I really enjoy going to school at Maui High, the people there are really welcoming and always willing to help you out. One of my best friends also goes there Rosie Larson, and so far my junior year is going better then I expected.

Ben Hogan

this is me on the last day of junior year. It was so windy that day. My girlfriend took this pic.

Hey everyone! My God-given name is Ben Hogan, but you can call me Worm, everyone does. I think it's becuase I love to read and always have my nose in a book, but my ex-girlfriend told me it is because I smell like dirt. Either way, please don't call me Ben! I live in Honolulu, and I have for 5 years. I moved here from Michigan. The people here are way different than Michiganites. People here are way too laid back, and always late, and never get anything done. They also spend too much time surfing- I never get a chance to go surfing because it makes me very rashy all over my body. All over. Sometimes I go into the ocean if I wear water booties, a long sleeved wetsuit, plastic face mask and water cap, and don't get my hands wet. So I don't go in very often.
I love animals, I just bought a two new pets- male guinea pigs, and I am keeping one in the basement in the dark, and one upstairs in my sunny kitchen. That way I can observe how light affects an animal's life. From what I've read, the one in the basement will suffer with severe psychological problems after about a week. This is second in a series of experiments I do on animals to watch their development.
I like hugging girls, and Iove hanging out with my boys at the observatory, but nothing compares to D&D. Dungeons and Dragons has been my passion since I was six. My parents play with me too, we play approxmately 4 hours a day. I hope to make it a career someday.

Character Name: Ben Hogan

Physical Description:

Birth date & Age: Feb 4. 18 years old

Height: 6'2

Eye Color:green

Build: gangly

Weight: 175

Hair Color: VERY red. Mom loves it.

Sex/Gender: virgin/male

Physical adjectives: Gangly, awkward, uncoordinated

Personality Type

Main personality traits: a little geeky, extroverted, friendly, well versed

Disposition: very happy and positive

Self-image: good; comfortable in my own skin


Marital Status: Single

Children: Only child

Place in Family: Only child

Immediate Family Members: Mom and Dad, grandpa lives in attic

Relatives: most live in Michigan

Personal Data

Education: go to high school in Honolulu, HI

Occupation: Student, work part time at turtle shop

Social Class: Upper middle

Religion: Catholic but I don't go to church, I work at the turtle shop Sundays

Ethnicity: Very white

Hobbies: D&D, Working at the turtle shop, reading books, Practicing magic tricks, doing experiments in my basement

Ambitions: Either something with Dungeons and Dragons, or turtles.

Friends: My best friend's name is Rich. We talk online.


Favorite Color: turtle green

Favorite Food: Fruit by the Foot

Favorite Beverage: I don't like liquids really, but I guess OJ

Favorite Book: LOTR

Favorite Time of Day: When my grandpa goes to bed so my parents and I can play Dungeons and Dragons without distraction

Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday! Turtle shop!

Favorite Season: Winter

Car: I prefer my trusty old bike

Favorite Sport: D&D

Favorite Place to Go: Work

Favorite Animal: turtle...obvi

Favorite Activity: D&D

Doris McDermitt

Hi! My name is Doris. I am the coolest lunch lady you will ever meet. I love my job because I get to see all of the kids everyday, and they love me because I give them food. Every kid is so nice to me because I make sure to make the food they love, and I obviously make them laugh! I am the most outgoing fun person you will every meet. I love to havea good time with my family and friends. I have two sons, both in College over in Minnesota and California. Now my husband Isadore and I are empty nesters. I was sad at first, but now I love it because I get to bring my friends over so we can have cooking and knitting parties! We also spend alot of time watching hockey games that my son tapes and sends over to us from Minnesota. Our favorite activity is going to the casino wiht my girls! We usually lose some money, but we still have the best tme ever! When I do win, I put the money into a special account because I am saving up to go back to Italy with my husband. We love the laid back atmosphere over there, and we want to get a villa for a summer as soon as we retire!

Character Name: Doris Mcdermitt
Physical Description
Birth date & Age: December 3, 1958, I am 50 years old
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Eye Color:brown
Build: I am short and I have a big belly
Weight: 153
Hair Color: salt and pepper
Sex/Gender: Woman
Physical adjectives: Chubby, hunched over, starting to wrinkel, tan skin
Personality Type
Main personality traits: I am a very happy person, very outgoing, I laugh alot, I try to help all of the students, I befriend alot of people
Disposition: overall positive person
Self-image: I have great self confidence, and I love myself
Marital Status: I am married to my man named Isadore
Children: I have two sons that are in college. Riley is at St. Thomas and Tanner is at UCLA
Place in Family: I am an only child
Immediate Family Members: Husband Isadore, Children Riley and Tanner
Relatives:My father died 2 years ago, but my mother is still alive. My husband has 3 siblings, a sister and two brothers.
Personal Data
Education:I completed high school, but then got a job as a waitress in a resturant downtown
Occupation: I am the lunch lady at our highschool
Social Class: am in the the middle class
Religion: I am a Roman Catholic
Ethnicity: Italian- this is my favorite Italian magazine
Hobbies: obviously I love to cook. I also enjoy knitting, painting, and shopping
Ambitions: I want to someday live back in Italy with my husbands family
Friends: I go to the casino onve a week with my 3 best friends Jill, Becky, and Fran.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: ravioli
Favorite Beverage: iced tea
Favorite Book:The Davinci Code-- Buy IT!
Favorite Time of Day: I am a morning person
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday.. Casino Day!
Favorite Season: winter
Car: blue toyota camery
Favorite Sport: I liked watching my son play hockey
Favorite Place to Go: the library
Favorite Animal: monkeys
Favorite Activity: cooking the best scotcheroos in the world

Jack Straw

I am a local musician here in Honolulu Hawaii. I was originally born in California, but it wasn't warm and relaxing enough so I had to come here. I went to the university of Hawaii to study music. I graduated last year and now am working in an after school program for kids who want to learn blues guitar at the High School. It is a lot of fun. I have a record deal and I tour in the summers. I played in front of forty thousand people in Minnesota. Those are the best fans in the world. Minneapolis is the Rockinest city in the world! I recently played in chicago at the guitar festival with Eric Clapton and am currently working on more music. Hawaiians worship me and the girls scream when they see me. It's a good feeling and the feeling I get from the crowd drives me. I have some good friends and we like to drink and some of them do drugs. But not me... We party with some famous people. I once played beer pong with this guy that ended up being the king of some country. My friends and I also surf and travel around the world to make movies about the exotic places we visit. I live in a modest place on the ocean that faces the sunset. Beach parties happen on the regular and after a long night we can go to the top of a hill nearby to view the sunrise.

This is me playing at one of my concerts

Hailey Conrad

Hi everybody! My name is Hailey Conrad. I am 22 years old and I am finishing up my fourth year at St. Kates! I have a fabulous boyfriend named Justin. We have been together for like six years! I know I am going to marry him! I currently work as a bar tender at a local club, but I am studying to be a nurse. I feel that I can drastically reduce the death rate in third world countries. I care about political issues that are on the news. I like to shop, get massages, facials, work out, and walk my dog. I try to stay active so I don't get fat, beacuse that would be like the worst thing ever! When I was eight years old my dad died in a car accident. I still haven't really gotten over it, but that is why I go to therapy sometimes. For the most part I love my life and I am a pretty happy girl!

John Sanders- senior

Hi my name is John Sanders. I just moved to Honolulu from Washington State in September. I came here because I am a surfer. The waves are not as big in Washington. I am sponspored by Quicksilver, and they thought it would be better for my career if I could surf the big waves in Hawaii. I am a senior in high school. I really like spending my weekends on my surfboard. My surfboard is very cool and I can't surf on anything else. I love Hawaii, and I'm really glad I moved here. I have made many new friends. Since I moved here I fell in love with Ursula Lelukalani. We've been dating for four months. I like spending my time at the beach and hanging out with Ursula. She's a sweet girl. And totally my type. I will probably go to college here because many teams want me to surf for them. They think that I would be a good asset to their schools. I am pretty smart. My GPA is about a 3.2. I live with my mom and sister who also moved here with me. My sister is a freshman and is 14. She likes it here too. She spends her time laying out and getting tan.

Gabrielle Alexander

Aloha, I am Gabrielle Alexander, most people call me Gabbie. I have lived in Honolulu my whole life. One of the perks of living on an island is that the ocean is right at your feet. I live in a beautiful house right off the ocean and have lived there my whole life. I have been surfing basically since i could walk. I love to surf, it clears my head and helps me get away from the stressful live a being a high school senior. I also am a musician. I play drums, guitar and i also love to sing. In my spair time i love to do all of those things plus i am also on a competition dance team. Let me tell you about my family. My dad Cain, is a pilot for Aloha Airlines so, he can be gone a lot but the cool thing is my family gets to travel to all these amazing places. Like last summer we spend 3 weeks in New Zealand it was really sweet. Anyway, my mom Michaela, use to be a model i hope to follow in her footsteps soon. Now she works as a receptionist for a photography agency. I have an older brother Zayden who is 25, he works for a graphic design company in New York City, he usually tries to visit as much as he can. I also have a younger brother who is 10 his name is Xander. Next year i hope to attend Hawaii Pacific University, i am not sure what i want to do yet for a major but i will figure it out soon. I am currently working as a bartender at a night club and am modeling for a clothing designer.

The current debate going on in our school is a very controversial issue. I for one am AGAINST banning the books. I think most of those books help people understand lives outside of their own. Some of those books are a bit to mature for maybe ninth graders so some of them should be for maybe upper class man only but there is no reason to ban the books. They are educational. One thing that bugs me is the perks of being a wallflower, many people think that there are to many things that are very inappropriate for high schoolers but seriously, all those things make up highschool. There is something in that book that can relate to everyone.

Dominic Ferrari

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dominic Ferrari is one of those kids that is nice until someone looks at him in a funny way, then he'll make sure to get revenge whether just or not. He's extremly into fashion, he won't leave the house without the right outfit, his makeup done correctly, and his hair poofed up. question him or his orientation and he bites back in a vicious way.
Ferrari is super emotional for a guy, especially a guy of his size. He's built but when a girl dumps him he gets mad and will verbally fight girls as if he was one himself. As in, he'll talk behind their back and make sure to spread all the rumors he can
this is, of course, only for those ex girlfriends
He is creepy
as he likes the concept of death and blood
Halloween is one of his more favorite holidays
and has no fear of telling people his infatuation with weird things
Generally a he's a good kid,
but he tends to lay more focus on how he looks rather than being a good student
and would rather go out than think too hard.

He enjoys
The bigger the hair, the better
The darker, the better
The weirder, the better (whithin scene limits)
The Faster the better
The harder the better
The more screaming, the better
Stage presence is everythin!
And of course, Zombies!
Holy crap, How fun would a Zombie apocolypse be!?

Brooke Davis

Hi my name is Brooke Davis, I am originally from Tree Hill, North Carolina. I recently moved because my father got a job down here in Honolulu. So far I like it a lot, I love the warm weather and spending days at the beach. Snorkeling is my favorite thing to do since I never could do that in Tree Hill. I love being by the ocean and so far the people in the high school I go to are extremely welcoming and nice. I love being a tiki and cheering at all the sporting events! I hope to make a lot more friends!

Physical Description
Birth date & Age: September 20, 1989-18 years old
Height: 5'6
Eye Color: Dark Green
Build: Slender
Hair Color: Brown
Sex/Gender: Female
Physical adjectives: round face, dimples on both cheeks, paler skin.

Personality Type
Main personality traits: Fun, Outgoing, Talkative.
Disposition: Generally fun and happy.
Self-image: Popular

Marital Status: Dating
Children: None
Place in Family: Only Child
Immediate Family Members: Mom-Susie Dad- Dave
Relatives: Both Grandparents, live in North Carolina.
Personal Data
Education: High School Student
Occupation: Selling clothes at local store
Social Class: Upper
Religion: Catholic
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hobbies: Class President, Head Cheerleader
Ambitions: My fashion line gets big
Friends: TONS!

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Orange Chicken
Favorite Beverage: Iced Tea
Favorite Book: Wonder When You'll Miss Me by Amanda Davis
Favorite Time of Day: Evening
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday
Favorite Season: Autumn
Car: VW Bug
Favorite Sport: Cheerleading/ watch basketball
Favorite Place to Go: Karen's Cafe
Favorite Animal: Chinese Shar pei
Favorite Activity: Going out

Anaya Carlson: Student

I am orginally from Houston, Texas and I have major Texas pride. I must say that the move here was not so bad.The reason that I am now living in Honolulu is because my mom's sister decided to move here from Colorado. My mom decided that she does not spend enough time with her sister because she missed my brother who went to college in Minnesota at Hamline University. My mom thought that our two families need to spend more time together. Now I go to Maui high home of the Tikis with my cousin Evie. At first I did not like the move but now I am embracing the change to the goregous weather and I am taking Last week I became a certified scuba driver and got to go parasailing. We have recently bought a house on the shore and my room over looks the ocean. My hobbies include playing tennis and reading books, nerdy I know, but I dont read all the time. I am looking into joining the tennis team at school. I am also trying to get a pet dolphin because they are my favorite animal. I also got a job in Islands resturant as a waitress redently.

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: September 25th, 18 years old.

Height: 5'6

Eye Color: Green

Build: skinny and muscular

Weight: 120

Hair Color: Dark Brown with caramel highlights

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: Great skin and Lushious hair

Personality Type

Main personality traits: I am a kind hearted person, paitent, sweet, and loyal.

Disposition: not sure

Self-image: I have a strong self image, without being cocky


Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Place in Family: Youngest Daughter of two childern

Immediate Family Members: Mom and Dad and Brother

Relatives: In Honolulu: Aunt, uncle and cousin. The others all are more distant

Personal Data

Education: I went to elementry, middle and working on highschool

Occupation: Waitress at Islands

Social Class: Middle

Religion: Buddist

Ethnicity: Caucassion

Hobbies: Reading and playing tennis

Ambitions: to better the world for the future

Friends: just meeting new people here, lots of great so far


Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Pineapple

Favorite Beverage: Smooties

Favorite Book: Angels and Demons

Favorite Time of Day: Sunset

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday

Favorite Season: Theres only one season here

Car: Mazda 6

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Place to Go: The beach

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

Favorite Activity: Laughing

Karen Druwell

My name is Karen Druwell, I teach at Smilson High School. I teach freshman English, which is difficult because my kids don't want to be at school. They want to be out on the street in gangs, or doing nothing. That is why I am here, to help them succeed. My goal coming to Smilson High School is to make a difference in these kids lives, to show them the dream of what they can accomplish with hard work. I have so many things planned out to try and help make their school experience unforgetable! I want them to be the place they can come to and feel comfortable with eachother, not be divided by their race or ethnicity. I am so excited to see what happends with these kids! =)

Evie Carlson

My name is Evie Carlson but I go by Evie Exquisite. My parents forced me to leave my home of Boulder, Colorado and come to Hawaii. I don't like the sun because it makes me tan; I prefer being as pale as possible. I'm pretty big on Myspace. I have 6,496 friends as of November 28. I hate when stupid 13 year old girls leave me comments especially when they say something like "OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR!". I want to go to some hardcore shows but it doesn't seem like many bands come to Hawaii very often (or more like ever). I love smoking cigs. It really sucks being in Hawaii because now I can't snowboard with my crew everyday. I just want to go home to Colorado!!!

Yancey Jones- Assistant Custodian

Hey you whippersnappers! Quit making messes, that I have to clean up your school, my name is Yancey Jones. Most students know me as Mr. Jones or Mr. Yancey. Currently I am employed as a custodian at Maui High School. I was born in Jonesboro Texas in 1955. My Papi and Mami died when i was but a lad and lived with my brother until I was sent to prison in the early 1970s. I spent a ten year sentance at a prison in Texas for killing a man in Dallas. I escaped prison by boaring a hole through the ground with my friend Lenny, using nothing but a spoon, a tooth pick, and a copy of The Unvanquished, by William Faulkner. I fled to Hawaii 10 years ago and recently picked up a job as a custodian.

Currently I enjoy cruising around in my Harley Davidson. I work on my truck whenever i possibly can. I hate my job, but there isn't any work available that won't do a background check so I am stuck here dealing with these punk kids making messes and being disrespectful. I never got the advantages these kids got and dag-namit they take it for granted. -Yancey Jones

Theresa Joplin

My name is Theresa Joplin. I recently moved to Honolulu for my dad's work as a marine biologist. I am a new student at my high school. I am sort of having trouble making friends because everyone already knows everyone and has their own group of friends. I had a lot of friends back at home and I miss them a lot. I really like Honolulu so far (besides school) because it is very warm and has lots of things to do. I love to tan at the beach and swim in the ocean. I visited Honolulu once when I was 5 but I don't remember much about it and it is not like I remember. It is a lot prettier and scenic now that I live here. I used to live in Chicago so I would never see the ocean or even very much warm weather. I think my dog, Hailey, likes Honolulu a lot better than Chicago because she can actually spend a lot of time outside running around and she is not cooped up in our smaller apartment in Chicago. She has even started to love swimming! Things are a lot different here in Hawaii because the ocean is literally in my backyard. My family and I live in a pretty nice condo on the beach and spend most of my time with my two brothers who are 7 and 15. My brothers and I love to swim in our pool and walk down the beach as far as we can go. My dad spends most of his time working and my mom loves to clean the pool, wash our windows, and fix up the condo. When I grow up, I really want to be a Marine Biologist like my dad and hopefully work for him. I think I am going to start working for him now by organizing his notes and helping him in the office. I love animals, especially water animals so I think that the job would be perfect for me. I will probably go to a college that specializes in Marine Biology so I can get a head start on my occupation.

Here is a picture of my condo:

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: Birth date & Age: December 18, 1989

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Green

Build: tall & slender

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Red

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: tall, skinny, strong

Personality Type

Main personality traits: nice, brave, honest

Disposition: generally happy

Self-image: very confident


Marital Status: single

Children: none

Place in Family: first child

Immediate Family Members: mom- cheryl, dad- steve, brothers- alex and jake

Personal Data

Education: high school student

Occupation: student

Social Class: middle

Religion: christian- lutheran

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hobbies: running, swimming, hopefully going to learn to surf!

Friends: None yet =(


Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Beverage: Crystal Light

Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Time of Day: Night

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Sport: I liked to play soccer back home but hopefully I will learn to surf now that I am in Honolulu.

Favorite Place to Go:

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Activity: swimming!

Casey Connor- Senior!

Hey! My name is Casey Connor and I'm a senior at Maui High School. I'm 18 years old and I have brown eyes and golden blonde hair. I have two sisters, Kari and Melissa. Kari is 15 and is a freshman at Maui High and Melissa is 23 and attends Stanford University on an academic scholarship. She is studying medicine and already has an internship. My parents names are John and Helen. We moved to Honolulu when I was seven years old. My family used to live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but we had to move when my dad got promoted. He is a marine biologist and, since we have arrived in Hawaii, has been working on a landmark project concerning killer whales and their living habits. He also works with sea lions and dolphins. My mom works as the tennis pro at Baretania, our tennis club. My mom's passion for tennis was what started me on the sport. I have been playing tennis since I was four, and over the years, my skill level has advanced to well beyond other girls' of my age. Many people call me "extreme", and I agree! I love to play tennis. Since I was in sixth grade, I have been playing on the varsity team (even though it wasn't allowed). I am a singles player. I don't like to have other people on the court with me because I find that I am too hard on myself or my partner if I play doubles (I have a strong personality). I am also able to focus more when I am competing by myself. Playing tennis for most of the day is the prime reason why I am in such good shape. Also, many hours on the courts have made me glow with a permanent tan! One day, I hope to play tennis in college. My top choice is the University of South Carolina (I really miss it there). My best friend's name is Sara and she is also a senior. She is a soccer player and is attending Arizona State on a scholarship.

Rosie Larson

Hey. I'm Rosie Larson! I am in the tenth grade and I have been living in Hawaii for a few years now. At school I enjoy doing a bunch of sports, playing my flute in the marching band and drawing in art. Normally when people see me in the hall, I am normally pretty happy and smiley. My older brother also goes to this school and he is senior. I am so lucky I get a ride to school with him every day. One of my best friends in Chloe Parker we have been friends for two years now and I hope we are friends forever. I hope my sophomore year goes better than freshman year.

?uest Love

Character Name: Quest Love

What's goin on ladies and gents my name is quest Love and I am the Philosophy Teacher at Maui High school, Home of the Tiki's. On the side I am also a percussionist and a revolutionist who is in the band called the roots. I am a man with great love for the passion of people and the passion of my students. I have been playing drums for about 17 years and I know the ropes around the music business. With some other side jobs consisting of a DJ, a record producer, and a journalist I have made a living through my passion for music and people. I am the essence of hip-hop, with a dominating presence in the music scene today. I am a man of deeper thinking and being an intellectual and a speaker of African Americans. I love my soul food and the family that surrounds me. Also a big part of my life involves my commitment to the international Ping Pong associaction. I love to dominate the world cup and it really has done great things for me! I have traveled the world because of my music, and achieved my greatest dreams. All this is why I teach, so I can give back to the students through my experiences and education of the real world that we all live in. I am a Love Movement.

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: January 20th, 1971

Height: 6' 1''

Eye Color: Hazel

Build: muscular but not a meathead

Weight: 175

Hair Color: Black

Sex/Gender: Male

Physical adjectives: I got a sick Fro

Personality Type

Main personality traits: Love, soul, intelligence

Disposition: warm and welcoming

Self-image: Respect and Love myself


Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Place in Family: Oldest son

Immediate Family Members: My father and Mother, and my sister

Relatives: Many

Personal Data

Education: High school

Occupation: Philosophy teacher, Recording Artist and Producer, DJ, Journalist

Social Class: Middle Class

Religion: Follower of Jesus Christ

Ethnicity: African American

Hobbies: passion for Drumming and Human Beings, and dominating the international ping pong league!

Ambitions: To create a revolution for the bettering of humanity

Friends: Many friends only a few true friends


Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Beverage: Orange Juice

Favorite Book: Irresistible Revolution

Favorite Time of Day: 9:11 AM

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Season: Fall

Car: Limo

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Favorite Place to Go: Studio

Favorite Animal: Bear

Favorite Activity: Talking to people with different perspectives on life


"All i need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and i'm fine"

Hey dudes! Hows it hangin? Ah i'm like Jeff Spicoli, but all my dudes just call me Spicoli.
I like to hang out with my dudes, catch some waves, eat food. I'm a pretty laid back kinda guy. Don't really have much respect for any kind of authority.. School really isn't my thing. I show up occasionally, i've been known to order pizza during class and keep food in my pants .... When i got a problem with a teacher i dont have any problem telling them what i think about them.

Age: 18
Height: 5'9
Eye Color:brown
Build: muscular bod
Weight: ?
Hair Color: long dirty blonde
Sex/Gender: male
Physical adjectives:
Main personality traits: chill, likes to hang out and surf.
Disposition: no respect for authority, laid back goes with the flow
Marital Status: single! always scouting on some babes!
Children: not that i know of.... man i hope not....
Place in Family: man i'm like the youngest
Immediate Family Members: brothers and two parents.
Relatives: a bunch?

Education: sometimes i go to school....
Occupation: nah dude i dont work, i surf, and mooch off all my friends
Social Class: stoner/surfer
Religion: surfing is my religion man
Ethnicity: white.
Hobbies: Surfing..
Ambitions: be the best surfer ever seen by man
Friends: couple of close dudes..
Favorite Color: GREEN!
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Beverage: soda
Favorite Book: green eggs and ham?
Favorite Time of Day: whenever i'm surfing
Car: my gnarly van
Favorite Sport: SURFING
Favorite Place to Go: the beach
I'm all about the waves man. I mean i get totally stoked when i see those huge white caps comin my way. I can hang ten like no other.
Vans are the shit! i wear vans like every day.. when i remember to wear shoes that is. i wear shirts but they are never buttoned up, i have no problems showing off my killer bod. Me and my dudes like to chill out and enjoy all of mother natures gifts in my van... Then we like to head to the burger joint and eat. I'm a huge fan of Van Halen, i hired them to play at my birthday party once.

Theo Haflin-Senior at Maui High

Theo in the house!! Hello, my name is Theo Haflin and I hail from Phoenix, Arizona and now dwell in the most glorious Honolulu, Hawaii.I am also one half of the dynamic duo, also formally called a set of twins. Ah, what is not to love about being a senior in high school? Well first of all, I am pretty well known with other students, because of my charismatic ways and bright smile wherever I go, so yea I am sort of a big my own world! Even though I think of myself as a loner, doesn't mean that I am really one. I enjoy spending the beautiful sunny days strolling along the beach and making new friends along the way. The people are awesome and what better way for an 18 yr. old to explore her surroundings than to live in an adventurous place like Hawaii. I first moved down here when I was about 5, and from then on I was hooked on Hawaiian life. My parents were in a business together and they decided to move it to a more 'remote' location. My older brothers eventually went on to college and soon were moving from Hawaii, one by one. It is more difficult to choose a hobby down here, because there are so many things to choose from, but instead I like to keep myself busy by making awesome music on the ever so popular turn tables and I have soon become known as the 'Dj Gurl'. I keep the teens around here occupied with music and in return, I have come to some popularity. Hopefully, I will soon later graduate and go on to do a Dj gig on the side, but other than that, my real passion is to become Massage Therapist. If I can be relaxed by the Hawaiian way, then I want to show others what peace and rest is really like. Oh and Go TIKIS!!!

Albert Roy Samuels - Custodian

My name is Albert Roy Samuels. I came to Hawaii 2 years ago to get away from Arkansas and all the people there. I chose Hawaii because there are no harsh winters, it's secluded from the rest of the states and people don't seem to bug me as much. The perks of being a custodian (not janitor) are that I get to wear the same clothes everyday and don't have to waste my time and money on anything else. I have 3 pairs of this same uniform and that's about it. I am 51 years old even though I look very old for my age. This is good. Sometimes I like to pretend that I can't hear people when they are talking to me. Works every time. I like senior citizen discounts. I like beer and spam. I don't have family anymore because I ran away from home when I was 17. Haven't seen or heard from them since. I don't think they minded all that much. After that, I joined the air force. I liked yelling at people and taking the risks that I had to. I'm not a social person and I don't like people. I don't like much of anything. I like shakespeare. Seems to be the only one who had some sense. I like to switch schools a lot. That way no one can get to know me and I don't have to get to know them so here I am at Maui High School, Home of the Tikis. I like to curse. I have to be quiet at school though and that's a problem. I don't have teeth. That can make life hard sometimes but it's very useful. I can show the kids my bright smile and they'll be running the other way in no time.

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: December 13, 1956 & 51 years old.

Height: 6’1”.

Eye Color: Hazel.

Build: Tall and Slim

Weight: 195 lbs.

Hair Color: White.

Sex/Gender: Male.

Physical adjectives: Old, wrinkly, slightly hunchbacked

Personality Type

Main personality traits: Grumpy, Cold, Bitter, Sarcastic.

Disposition: Same as above.

Self-image: Old, wrinkly, slightly hunchbacked.


Marital Status: N/A.

Children: N/A… No thanks.

Place in Family: Youngest of 5 kids.

Immediate Family Members: 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters.

Relatives: Who knows where?

Personal Data

Education: GED from high school.

Occupation: Custodian not Janitor.

Social Class: Lower class.

Religion: N/A.

Ethnicity: White.

Hobbies: Drinking, Reading, Eating, Sleeping.

Ambitions: Move on to the next one. Can’t stay in the same place for too long, that’s what I always say.

Friends: Who’s got time?


Favorite Color: Grey.

Favorite Food: Spam Hot Dish.

Favorite Beverage: Stale Beer.

Favorite Book: Hamlet.

Favorite Time of Day: Around 10:35pm… Bed time.

Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday. Sleep until 10 am. Eat left over hot dish for breakfast. Down a couple stale beers. Go back to sleep.

Favorite Season: Winter. The more I can cover my face and emotions, the better.

Car: See for yourself.

Favorite Sport: Football.

Favorite Place to Go: To Sleep.

Favorite Animal: Cows are tasty.

Favorite Activity: Drinking.

Sharpay Evans-Student Extraordinaire

Hello! I am Sharpay Evans. I am 18 years old. I live with my family in Honolulu during the winter. My favorite color is pink. I rule Maui High School, Home of the Tikis! I am fabulous! I am the lead in every play, and no one can challenge me! So don't even try. I am very good at golf and during the summer, my family goes to our country club in Lava Springs, Arizona. I have a dog named Blondie, who is my favorite, and a brother named Ryan. I am a senior this year, and when I graduate I plan on attending University of Florida Performing Arts. I really can't wait to graduate. I am an actress and a singer. My favorite food is grilled chicken caeser salad. My favorite movie is Mean Girls, and my favorite T.V. show is The Hills. In my free time, you will find me either at the mall or tanning on the beach. On the weekends I do homework, play golf, hang out with my brother, and write songs. I am diva extraordinaire, but I'm pretty nice to people if they are nice to me. I am a hard worker and very persistent. Sometimes people tell me I can be manipulative but really I am not. I like to cook, and I wish that Hawaii would have some professional sports teams, but I can deal. I like to take dinner cruises at sunset, and ride horseback on the beach. If you want to know more about me feel free to visit my wiki page.


Hey ya'll whats up! I'm Hannah Montana and as many of you know me, im a leading popstar for all young girls out there. Come check out one of my shows somtime! I moved out here to the gorgeous island of Hawaii just a from months ago and I love it. I moved out here from Malibu, California because my dad got a job transfer so we moved out here. Once school starts up I am going to be attending Maui High School Home of the Tikis! I've herad some good things about this place, and that theres an awesome sports team! I'm looking foward to kick off my freshman year and meet new people. Even after I graduate, I still plan on having an education, unlike many popstars out there. This summer I went a tour at the University of Hawaii and would love to go there upon graduating from Maui High. It was hard to leave at frist but I've been kind of used to moving so much because of my occupation as a singer, going on tour dates so often. Going on tours gets in the way of school and somtimes I fall behind but I do love the life of being a popstar! Ofcrouse to keep in tact with school, I have a personal tutor trravel around with me while I'm on tour. I sure do miss my best friend, Lily though! You might think that because I am a popstar, my normal teen life is differnt from other highschoolers. But i most definetly love to do a lot of the same things as any teen girl. Some of my favorite hobbies are Shopping (a girl can never get enough of it!) going to the movies, running, hanging out down the beach catching a tan, and from time to time I do enjoy riding the waves on my brothers surfboard every now and the.I live with my brother and dad. My brother is Jackson and he's 17 years old. We have a typical brother-sister relationship. I get along very well with my father and he supports my singing career 100%, but ofcourse he always has me put school first. I've been getting a lot of attention out here as Hannah Montana and I do like it because it helps me get to know the teens around here but somtimes I wish I could just be a normal person living a normal life. I like the atmosphere of everything out here so far, It's a good life. I love my family and friends and thank them everyday for supporting me through my career, and thinking of me as a person rather than just Hannah Montana the popstar. Check out my wiki page if ya'll wanna hear more about more about me!


Jake Kawakiki

What's good? My name is Jake and i am a man that loves to surf and play ping pong. You may think of a surfer as a dumb person with his morals mixed up but i am a lot different than that. I have a 4.0 GPA and i am in the top 5 percent of my class. I usually try to find time to study and to surf. I am about 6 feet tall and i have brown eyes and blonde hair. My all time favorite idols in the world are Kelly Slater and Chetan Baboor. Slater is an excellent surfer that in my opinion is the greatest of all time. He's even got his own tournament he is conducting. Chetan Baboor is a great ping pong player that i idolize in every way. I would say that i am pretty friendly. I am easy to get along with and i feel that if you saw me on the beach i would be approachable. I don't come off as an ass but i can be if you give me the right circumstances. I am still a student at Maui home of the Tiki's. I don't care much for the name because that's not all of what Hawaii is about. We do have awesome waves. In my free time when i'm not studying i usually call up some buddies and we just have a good time and discuss current events in the surf world or pong world. You may think that all i am about is surfing, ping pong, and school but i am. HAHA! Yeah that's basically all you can do on an island. Well that's all for now i hope you feel like you can talk to me. Later BRA!

Iakona Makaiau

Hello! Welcome to my webpage. I am a native Hawaiian and proud to be one! I currently live in Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. I live here with my mom, my dad, and my brother. I am about to attend a new high school, in fact my first high school. It is the Maui High school home to our own tikis! I hear so much about this place all the time. The education there is supposed to be great and one of the best in all of Hawaii. I'll start off by telling a little about me. My name is Iakona Makaiau and i am a native to the island of Maui.I love to surf whenever i can. Sometimes I even skip school to surf. I sure hope my parents aren't reading this. I also like to hang out with my friends a lot. I am a little scared of going to high school for the first time. I've heard of bad stuff and good stuff about high school. Oh well, I guess I just have to find out for my self. Oh yeah, i look a lot older than i really am in the picture below. I'm still just going to be a freshman. Lots of my family has gone to Maui high school. they all said that they loved it. I am ready and can't wait for school to start. I think that it will be very exciting and interesting. I have only a few worries about high school. I have many friends but i wonder if i am going to fit in. I hope that high school is more laid back and less dramatic than middle school, ugh, that was so dumb.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam Smith - Bus Driver

Sam I Am. I’m a 33-year-old bus driver at the high school. I moved to the islands almost a decade ago. I came out for a visit and never went home. Since I moved here, I've been a carpenter, a waiter, a cook, and now I'm a bus driver at a high school. It leaves me time to do the things I like such as scuba diving and surfing, and playing with my two kids, of course. I like jumping off cliffs and diving into underwater caves. I like extreme sports and brushing up against danger. (Maybe that's part of the reason I like driving a school bus. Teenagers are CRAZY!) I gotta look tough, so I shave my head and lift almost daily. I like to express myself with body art: tattoos and piercings. I have a bunch of scars too—one from a ski accident and one from a bike accident. I’m not all crazy, though. I like watching documentaries and listening to public radio.

I’m pretty funny, a real smart-aleck, intelligent, hard-working. Don't push me or boss me--I don't like it. I’ll let you know you’ve gone too far.

I like to learn about politics and now much this world is getting totally messed up by people who think they know something. Another thing I can tell you is that I don't like when mainlanders, haoles, come out here and act like fools. Tourists act like they own the place. Go home if you're going to act like a pig—better yet—don't come at all. I think this is part of the reason I drive a school bus. At least kids have some hope left. Maybe.
This is not my school bus, but lava is what makes up the islands. People forget these are made of a bunch of volcanoes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arie Highschool- The fighting Purple Jellyfish

The Purple jellyfish are very rare and seen maybe 2 to 3 a year in Honolulu. People will know about this rare sea creature because it is the school mascot. The colors of the jellyfish would be very cool for the school colors. The jelly fish is a great mascot because no one else would have it. And it will be easily remembered by other people throughout Hawaii.

The school is named after a famous artist that has a very successful art exhibit in Honolulu. His name is Aurie Smit. He is very talented and loves to use bright colors, (just like who the Purple Jellyfish is cool colors!)

Purple Jellyfish

Sunshine High School- Home of the Dolphins!

Aloha! Welcome to Sunshine High School! Home of the Dolphins! Here in Honolulu its always sunny! If your looking for a great school for your son or daughter Sunshine High School would be great for you! We are located right on the beach so going to school will always be a great time. We have a wide variety of classes but our school mainly focuses on marine life. We swim with dolphins on occasion and we always have something fun going on! Consider Sunshine High School its a great place to learn!