Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam Smith - Bus Driver

Sam I Am. I’m a 33-year-old bus driver at the high school. I moved to the islands almost a decade ago. I came out for a visit and never went home. Since I moved here, I've been a carpenter, a waiter, a cook, and now I'm a bus driver at a high school. It leaves me time to do the things I like such as scuba diving and surfing, and playing with my two kids, of course. I like jumping off cliffs and diving into underwater caves. I like extreme sports and brushing up against danger. (Maybe that's part of the reason I like driving a school bus. Teenagers are CRAZY!) I gotta look tough, so I shave my head and lift almost daily. I like to express myself with body art: tattoos and piercings. I have a bunch of scars too—one from a ski accident and one from a bike accident. I’m not all crazy, though. I like watching documentaries and listening to public radio.

I’m pretty funny, a real smart-aleck, intelligent, hard-working. Don't push me or boss me--I don't like it. I’ll let you know you’ve gone too far.

I like to learn about politics and now much this world is getting totally messed up by people who think they know something. Another thing I can tell you is that I don't like when mainlanders, haoles, come out here and act like fools. Tourists act like they own the place. Go home if you're going to act like a pig—better yet—don't come at all. I think this is part of the reason I drive a school bus. At least kids have some hope left. Maybe.
This is not my school bus, but lava is what makes up the islands. People forget these are made of a bunch of volcanoes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arie Highschool- The fighting Purple Jellyfish

The Purple jellyfish are very rare and seen maybe 2 to 3 a year in Honolulu. People will know about this rare sea creature because it is the school mascot. The colors of the jellyfish would be very cool for the school colors. The jelly fish is a great mascot because no one else would have it. And it will be easily remembered by other people throughout Hawaii.

The school is named after a famous artist that has a very successful art exhibit in Honolulu. His name is Aurie Smit. He is very talented and loves to use bright colors, (just like who the Purple Jellyfish is cool colors!)

Purple Jellyfish

Sunshine High School- Home of the Dolphins!

Aloha! Welcome to Sunshine High School! Home of the Dolphins! Here in Honolulu its always sunny! If your looking for a great school for your son or daughter Sunshine High School would be great for you! We are located right on the beach so going to school will always be a great time. We have a wide variety of classes but our school mainly focuses on marine life. We swim with dolphins on occasion and we always have something fun going on! Consider Sunshine High School its a great place to learn!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hilo Academy home of the Tsunami's

Hilo Academy Home of the tsunami's

Aloha welcome to Hilo Academy home of the tsunami''s, we are a private boarding school that has been educating the youth of Hawaii since 1878. Hilo Academy has been a co educational school since 1945 when it opened it's doors to woman. Hilo Academy teaches grades seven through twelve and has an amazing 18:1 student to teacher ratio. Hilo Academy offers many different classes that the public schools do not. Like five different languages which are all taught by people who are from that country r who have lived there for a few years. Physical education class which includes things like weight lifting, surfing, and beach volleyball. Science classes where students take classes in general biology and Marine biology, chemistry, meteorology, and astrology.They also take classes in the other major subjects like math, English, social studies,and other fun electives. When your not in classes you can hang out at the beach, go shopping or eat out at the mall which is a ten minute walk. Only the tenth graders and up are aloud to go off campus with out an adult. If you don;t want to go off campus or you not old enough there are still two restaurants and a cafeteria that you can eat at. It is a boarding school so the students do live on campus, there are three people to a room. In the room there is one small refrigerator and three raised beds with a desk under each one. Each room has there own full bathroom.All the girls rooms are in one building and the boys in another, each floor has a dorm adviser who is in charge. All the student housing building have a common room with a microwave, t.v, and a sitting area. Hilo Academy has the nicest living quarters you'll see and has the second highest test scores in Hawaii.

Hilo high is the home of the Tsunami's, which are powerful unbeatable storms that can destroy anything in its path. Which is exactly what are sports and academic teams do, win. Hilo Academy has many different sports teams like surfing, rugby, soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball,lax cross, tennis, and track. If you don't want to play a sport the Tsunami's also have a chess, math,debate,and science team. If there is a sport that you like and the tsunami's don't have then you can start one up your self. Hilo Academy has every thing that you could ever want in a school freedom, excellent education, and fun interesting classes.

For more info on what a Tsunami is and how strong they are go to
For more info on what type on marine life you could study or see go to

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole High School: Home of the Ukulele

Welcome to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole High School!
Our school is named after Israel or Iz because he was an important asset to Hawaii. He was a strong advocate for Hawaiian rights and Hawaiian independence which he displayed through his music. He won many awards and his music hit the number one spot in several different countdowns.
Israel struggled with his weight and passed away on June 26, 1997 weighing 758 pounds. On the day of his funeral (July 10, 1997) the Hawaiian state flag flew at half mast. His kos wood coffin lay in state at the Capitol building in Honolulu. He was the third person in Hawaiian history to be accorded this honor. Over 10,000 people attended his funeral.

The mascot is the ukulele because Israel was talented at playing the ukulele. It was his instrument of choice. He reached the number one spot on Billboard with his album "Wonderful World".
Music is an important way for people to learn. Children who learn a musical instrument at a young age tend to be smarter as they grow up.
Our school encourages every student to learn the ukulele along with their regular curriculum.


Nene High! nest of the fighting goose!

hallo all, we are the fighting Geese and we are proud of it! we may be small, but we will totally bite your nose off! located a mile off the lava run off of a volcano, our large school has a great academic and sports program -not to mention a great view! we focus mainly on academics such as languages -we recently started to offer Chinese and Arabic- and world culture studies. while there are some pretty hot days in Hawaii, our school comes equiped with AC and a daily snack bar in the cafe. the lunchroom serves different cultural foods every week and there are many club activities advertised all over the walls. we have very accomplished sports teams- football being the main one. our female football team was ranked best in the state! it might help that there aren't many female foot ball teams, but oh well ^^

Honolulu girls Prepatory School: Home of the Hula Girls

Welcome to Honolulu girls prep, home of the Hula Girls! This school is in a very fun, unique and relaxed environment. With a serene environment, and gorgeous oceanic views you will be sure to be thrilled over our school. No need to worry for the girls because we have a boys prep just right down Kiwi Road. Our school day starts at 9:00 and ends at 2:30. Our boys school and girls school were the first to get all state championship title for Surfing. Surfing is our most prized sport at our school. Our girls are also All State Hula Dancers, the even have competed at National levels. Our school also has an outstanding academic record and are the highest rated in the state of Hawaii. Even with all of the fun activities to preoccupy your time with, our students still find the time to get all of their schoolwork done. Come by to see our beautiful campus and we assure that you will fall in love! Only 5 minutes south of Seashell Drive, Take a left at Coconut Grove and a Right on Kiwi Lane we are the second building on the left! We assure you won't miss it! for more questions or concerns just call 1-800-GO-HULA.!

Maki High School

Maki High School,
home of the Cuttlefish

A school located in Honolulu, this school is focused on academics as well as the culture of Hawaii as well as the US. We strive to be in the top as far as the fine arts (as well as more modern twists such as Computer graphics) as well as Mathematics. The school is held in high reguard in national rankings and has held some of the most prestigious Art shows on it's campus. Recently the math team had stolen 1st place from the previous champions in a overtime death match.

Our mascot, the Cuttlefish
This animal best represents our school as we may seem and sound harmless but we are among the most intelligent and vicious creatures on the ocean floor. The cuttlefish is a small creature with 8 arms and two tenticles used to capture it's pray. They are predators, like the school. we do not wait for our victories, we set out to find them. The cuttle fish can change colors on a whim, to show emotion of to envoke fear, again this is like us as we can change, for the better, to help us move forward and to connect with the changing times, to get our students better prepared and further ahead.
Also the Cuttle fish is cute. Like us! :D

Facts on The Cuttlefish

Ham hawk Highschool, Home of the Porkchops

Welcome friends. Hows it going? Our school specializes in pig farming. Not that wimpy family farm type. Were talking land stomping, river polluting, nose commanding, money grabbing, no nonsense, animals in a cage pig farming. Just kidding. We are a normal high school, and we are very good at football. But our main sport is soccer. State champs 3 years in a row. We have four classes a day, most our outside and students don't have to attend when they don't want. Most teachers don't even show when the surfing is good. We have many environmental type classes. We celebrate our Hawaiian heritage often with cookouts and dances. Our name the Ham hawk is based on the food we feed the dolphins and sharks so they don't eat surfers. Our mascot the pork chops is based on the favorite food of Homer Simpson. Who is the inspiration of many of our teams victories. A popular cheer is, "Do it for Homer."

Dole High School, Home of the Pineapples!

Welcome to Dole High School, Home of the FIGHTING PINEAPPLES! Our high school is nestled right against the Dole Plantation. The students and Dole Plantation have a very close bond! We support eachother greatly: our students in the agriculture, biology, botany, and business classes often trek over to Dole Plantation where they are welcomed to do experiments, make observations, and interview workers. We in turn offer a select group of juniors and seniors every summer to work at the plantation part time.
Dole High Schools takes great pride in its rigorous academics. Students strive to perform high above national standards. Our school boasts the highest percentage in the nation of National Merit Scholars. While we spend much time on academics, that isn't the only part of the high school that is great!
We boast a country-renowned boys soccer team, which has placed first in the state for the past ten years. Our girl's sea kayaking team is the best in our conference! We have a great athletic program that can take any of our students and turn them into high-performing athletes.
Dole High School's reputation throughout Hawaii is that of being the high school with the fewest cliques, and the most inviting and welcoming. All of our teachers have PhD's, which is very rare, but we offer them health and car insurance to work here, so you better believe they are happy to teach our students!
Lunch is eaten outside every day, unless it's raining, then students eat in the greenhouse/inside lunch area. Trips are taken over every school break throughout Hawaii and the Pacific, and it's a great opportunity for students to get involved.
Hope to see you wandering our halls soon, future Fighting Pineapple!

To find out more information about the Dole Plantation go to

To find out more information about activities for teens to do individually or with the school go to

Captain Cook High School Home Of The Captains

Named after the great Captain James Cook who is considered to be the first European Explorer to discover Hawaii. He was the first to establish the geographical coordinates to Hawaii's location. Captain Cook is remembered for his infamous cue against the oppressing chief. He failed and was killed by the chief's body guards. But it was Captain Cook's influence that gained Hawaii its popularity. Published tales about Cooks adventures in the Pacific and sparked interest, many came to see the beauty and stand in awe at what Hawaii had to offer. Cook can easily be cause for national awareness about Hawaii, and without him Hawaii would not be what it is today.

To honor his great legacy, a high school was named after him. Commonly referred to as Cook High's Cap'ns, the school is famous for its athletic following and ability. Opened in early 2000, the school has a new, fresh feel. With state of the art technologies and great staff the school is one of the best Hawaii has to offer. Cook High is locally known for its great football team. Pictured to the right is our mascot the captain holding a trophy, won at a football tournament.

Pictured to the left is the school campus located peacefully in suburban Honolulu. The school presents a very quiet and educational orientated environment. The campus looks over a beach and has a wonderful outdoor activity building which is key to the athletic focus of the school. Surfing, football, baseball, basket, tennis, and many other fields and courts are all on school grounds and are open for public use during non-school hours.


Waikiki High School- Home of the wild whales

Welcome to Waikiki High School! This is one of the best ranked high schools in the nation. In fact, it is number 10. The school has state of the art technology. Each student has to purchase a laptop for a small fee. But all the computers are very nice, and high speed. (The whole campus is wireless!) Every class can be taken online, or in a standard classroom setting. The teachers feel that every learning style should be presented so that every student can achieve the best grades possible. The staff is one of the most diverse in the country. A lot of teachers speak multiple languages, so many of the foreign students feel at right at home.
Because the students have many learning style possibilities, they get very good grades. In fact, 20% of all Waikiki High School graduates go on to attend Ivy League Colleges.
As for the athletic department, they do exceptionally well. The wild whales water polo team is a Division I team. It was a close game against Laguna Beach, California, but the wild whales came out on top as the Division champions! As for other sports teams, we excel in football, soccer, tennis, and lacrosse.
Our art department is doing very well also. Our show choir is third in the nation, and competes on a regular basis. Our marching band performs at half time shows for some major league football teams.
Our theatre company will be putting on four performances of the musical Hairspray in the spring.

Come to Waikiki High School!

Kelly Slater High of Hawaii- Home of the Snowmen

Do you know who Kelly Slater is? If not your not welcome at this high school. Kelly Slater is a surfer that is worshiped as if he were a God. Kelly Slater is a 7 time world champion and in our mind is the best surfer to ever live. Here at Kelly Slater high we like to think of everyone as tubular!

It's Hawaii and we are called the snowmen. Isn't it awesome? We like to think about what is normal and do the opposite because what makes something normal? We don't even have snow here in Hawaii but we like to build them with our imagination. Our snowman has three humps with the bottom one being the biggest and the top one the smallest. Of course the only way to make a snowman is with packing snow. No other snow will do. Snowmen may not be to intimidating but our high school name makes up for that. Far out! Plus we never get to compete with any other schools in the US because none will travel to this tropical paradise it's simply to expensive.

We offer the usual schedule of classes with math, english, foriegn languages, social studies, science, etc. But we do have one thing that is a little out there at that is a high tide surf break!!!! Best part of the day dude is high tide. When the moon is close enough to the earth the gravitational pull of the moon causes high tide. DUH! .htm So if your a person that is interested in getting away from the ordinary and having a sweet life, come to Kelly Slater High of Hawaii. We breed champions and no less. Alright peace out for now BRA!!

Kama'aina High--Home of the `Ilio holo I ka uaua

`Ilio holo I ka uaua is Hawaiian for the Hawaiian Monk Seal.


Located in Honolulu, on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii, is Kama'aina High School.

Located by the beach, the school has a fantastic view of the ocean. It has a beautiful campus and a wide variety of classes available to all.

Makiki Heights Highschool-Home of the Gators

Looking for the perfect place for your child to go to high school? Look no further because Makiki Heights is the place for you.
Makiki Heights is located in Honolulu Hawaii. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and is the most populated city.
Makiki Heights Highschool is located on the edge of the rainforest and overlooks the city of Honolulu. The view ranges from Diamond Head to Leeward Coast.

Makiki Heights High School is home to the Gators.
The alligator is one of the most popular animals in Hawaii. Our school was built in 1985 and is one of the newest schools in Honolulu. We are top ranked in academics and athletics. Makiki Heights has the highest test scores in Honolulu. We are also ranked in the top 5% for ACT and SAT scores. Our students and faculty take pride in academics and are always working at their full potential. Makiki Heights has a great staff that is welcoming and willing to help when needed. Our girls and boys soccer teams are all state. They have won State Champions the last 10 years and led our school to nationals the last two. We are looking forward for another successful season.

Makiki Heights High School is a great place for your child to go to school because we offer a fun, welcoming environment. We will always work our best to provide an educational workplace where your child can learn at their best. Aloha!

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Waikiki High School: Home of the Menehune

Aloha! Welcome to the great island of Oahu. It is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands and is the most populous. The state capital,Honolulu, is located at the southeastern part of the isalnd. For this reason the founders of the Waikiki High School chosse this location.

Waikiki is a delightful blend of outside influences and local inspiration. You will find world-class shopping with high fashion and style, all mixed with island history, culture, and wonderful entertainment.Along with the best High school education around. Waikiki high school offers the best of education, sports, and fun!Waikiki high also was awarded many awards for being a leader in academics and sports. It has a very advanced learing center where students may go for preperation to colleges. Also our ACT and SAT results are over ten times better then the rest of the Hawaiian schools!

Below is a classic view of Waikiki Beach from one of the hotels at the northwest end of the beach. In the background is the Diamond Head crater

Waikiki High is home of the Menehune. The Menehune are said to be a people, sometimes described as dwarfs in size, who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian islands, far from the eyes of normal humans. They have a favortie food, which is the banana, but that's not really important. Here are a few photos of them.

This is a Menehune.

Kula High School, Home of the Chameleons!

Hello and Welcome to Kula High School, home of the Chameleons! Kula High has a great atmosphere full of exciting young kids. Kula High School is a public and coed high school. The school was established in 1970, and was renovated in 2006,it is one of the newest renovated school in Honolulu. It holds grades ninth through twelve graders .The school was once a middle school but it got a lot larger. It then became a high school. Kula High School is located in Honolulu in a suburban area and several miles away is the most beautiful volcano. The volcano is in a great location it is right next to the ocean and it over looks the entire city of Honolulu it is an amazing view.

As of 2006, the enrollment at Kula High School stands at 4,000 students. Kula High School is recognized for its academics, music and its sport acceivements. In 1995, the basketball team was the first team in Honolulu to go to state. The music program is also important for this high school because every student is required to try out for an music instrument. Athletics is also important, there are a variety of sports and clubs to join. Kula High School competes in baseball, basketball, bowling, paddle boating, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, wrestling and surfing. Surfing is the one of the most popular sport and club. Every year Kula High School competes with several schools in Honolulu and it gets very competitive.

For more information on Honolulu check out the websites:

Moanalua High School: Home of the Monk Seal

Aloha everyone and welcome to Moanalua High School, home of the Monk Seal. Moanalua High School is a public, co-educational college preparatory high school serving grades nine through twelve. Established in 1972 , Moanalua High School is located in suburban Salt Lake near Moanalua in the City & County of Honolulu of the state of Hawaii. It is situated on an extinct volcano hillside overlooking downtown Honolulu.

The volcanic hillside on which Moanalua High School sits was used by native Hawaiians in worship. As one of the highest points overlooking what would later become the city of Honolulu, the volcanic hillside was revered as a place where the faithful could be closer to the ancestral spirits and gods. It served as a sacred altar as late as the reign of King Kamehameha V.

As of 2006, the enrollment at Moanalua High School stands at 2,050 students. Moanalua High School is nationally recognized for its academics, music program and media communications learning center. In 1998, it became the first student orchestra officially invited to play at Carnegie Hall by the governing Carnegie Hall Corporation. The Moanalua High School Marching Band is also widely acclaimed to be one of the best in the state. With the absence of professional sports teams in Hawaiʻi, the popularity of high school athletics is considerably high in the state. Moanalua High School competes in air riflery, baseball, basketball, bowling, canoe paddling, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, judo, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, wrestling and water polo. Moanalua High School has won several state championships and national honors.

Moanalua High School also has the distinction of graduating the most valedictorians each year, in comparison to the other schools of the Hawaiʻi State Department of Education.

Hawaiian Monk Seals, one of the most endangered species of all seals, became extinct in the 1950s. It is estimated that fewer than 1,400 Hawaiian Monk Seals exist today. The Hawaiian monk seal, Monachus schauinslandi, is Hawaii's only pinniped. It is a species that is considered endemic to the islands. The word endemic means that the species is unique to a region (i.e., is found no where else) and is believed to have evolved there. Many believe monk seals got their name from their monk-like preference for solitude; others think that the loose skin around the seals' neck resembles the hood of a monk's robe.Hawaiian monk seals are genetically tame and easily approached by humans. Unfortunately, this trait has proven to be one of the major factors leading to the population decline of the species

Kalakaua High School, home of the Kings

Kalakaua High School, home of the Kings is a wonderful high school. We are named after the old cheif, David Kalakaua, who reigned in the 1870's. He brought money into Hawaii by compromising with America and selling sugar. He loved traveling the world and going to great parties, and he died of kidney disease while on a vacation to San Francisco with his wife.
To learn more about Kalakaua, go to

We should be the Kings because it represents the power and pride we have in our school. There is nothing offensive about being called the kings, so there would be no worries about controversies within the school about a new mascot.

Palm High School: Home of the Coconuts

Come to Palm High School! We’re located right on ocean in Honolulu on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Oahu. Palm High School is named after the palms of the island, which are plentiful and add to the beauty and culture of the island. Our school is an agricultural school; we believe in becoming one with the land and the resources that the land supplies us. Every Monday and Thursday, we have class outside in the school’s crops. Our crops include palm, pineapple, coffee beans pine nuts, macadamia nuts, and coconuts. While in the agricultural areas of our school, we learn about the process of growing and harvesting crops. We also learn about the different crops that can be grown in different areas. For this reason, our school’s mascot is the Coconut. Though our mascot may not be intimidating, our students are extreme athletes. Growing up in the agricultural field has yielded strong and athletic kids. Our best sports are football, baseball, and softball with greatly improving tennis teams. In addition, our dance team specializes in Hawaiian dance and has won three national championships in a row. Surfing and boogie boarding is a sport that has been popular since the school’s opening and the team is invite only; we only take the best. Our school is the best in the island of Oahu. We have great academic and athletic programs. Come to Palm High School, you will have a great overall experience!

Kamehameha Warriors

Welcome to Kamehameha High School! We are located in the capital city of Honolulu. Our school is named after the great King Kamehameha, the warrior who invaded Maui in 1790 and took over all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Our school is known for our amazing athletic program, as we have kids already offered many scholarships to division 1 schools! Also, we are very proud of our academic program as well. Come to our school to see the most friendly, family like community in all of Hawaii! The kids here love coming to their school located smack dab in the middle of the capital. We even have the original sign of our king. Come check it out today and maybe you will want your children to come to the most credited school in all of Hawaii.

This is King Kamehameha's original statue that he had placed here right before he died, and behind the statue is the school we had before the modern high school was built. Our school has cutting edge technology with everything your child will love!