Monday, December 3, 2007

Anaya Carlson: Student

I am orginally from Houston, Texas and I have major Texas pride. I must say that the move here was not so bad.The reason that I am now living in Honolulu is because my mom's sister decided to move here from Colorado. My mom decided that she does not spend enough time with her sister because she missed my brother who went to college in Minnesota at Hamline University. My mom thought that our two families need to spend more time together. Now I go to Maui high home of the Tikis with my cousin Evie. At first I did not like the move but now I am embracing the change to the goregous weather and I am taking Last week I became a certified scuba driver and got to go parasailing. We have recently bought a house on the shore and my room over looks the ocean. My hobbies include playing tennis and reading books, nerdy I know, but I dont read all the time. I am looking into joining the tennis team at school. I am also trying to get a pet dolphin because they are my favorite animal. I also got a job in Islands resturant as a waitress redently.

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: September 25th, 18 years old.

Height: 5'6

Eye Color: Green

Build: skinny and muscular

Weight: 120

Hair Color: Dark Brown with caramel highlights

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: Great skin and Lushious hair

Personality Type

Main personality traits: I am a kind hearted person, paitent, sweet, and loyal.

Disposition: not sure

Self-image: I have a strong self image, without being cocky


Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Place in Family: Youngest Daughter of two childern

Immediate Family Members: Mom and Dad and Brother

Relatives: In Honolulu: Aunt, uncle and cousin. The others all are more distant

Personal Data

Education: I went to elementry, middle and working on highschool

Occupation: Waitress at Islands

Social Class: Middle

Religion: Buddist

Ethnicity: Caucassion

Hobbies: Reading and playing tennis

Ambitions: to better the world for the future

Friends: just meeting new people here, lots of great so far


Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Pineapple

Favorite Beverage: Smooties

Favorite Book: Angels and Demons

Favorite Time of Day: Sunset

Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday

Favorite Season: Theres only one season here

Car: Mazda 6

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Place to Go: The beach

Favorite Animal: Dolphin

Favorite Activity: Laughing


Shadowfane said...

i see that you read Angels and Demons by Brown, so you like controversial books. i think thats cool! i'd like to hear what you think about the PTA book bans. write back ^^

Mackin said...

The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, is a very controversial book, and it's one of the books the PTSA is trying to ban! Just like the commenter before me, clearly you are interested in books that are controversial. Angels and Demons is not widely accepted either, especially among the global Catholic community. And as a student, I think you should be very concerned that the PTSA is exercising this kind of power. The Color Purple has two sides to the controversy: not only can it be viewed as offensive, but it has a lot to offer the literary community. I think it is wrong to discount what it can offer its readers merely because it may be offensive to some. Life is offensive, this world is offensive, so what if some books are offensive? It's nothing we haven't read before! And if it is new to some readers, it is important that their minds are opened. The Color Purple speaks of a woman's hardships involving rape, abuse, etc. This is reminiscent of Walker's poor southern background, and they may be experiences that she has had herself. This is reason not to ban them! People experience them, if we take them off the shelves, then those people who experience this in real life may feel isolated. Walker supports civil rights and the women's movement- Walker is not looking to exploit a group of people or a specific gender. Writing this book she was clearly trying to convey a message, even if it is hard for some people to hear (or read). I believe the message should override some of the material. Walker felt she was doing a duty to her ancestors by writing the book, that she owed it to them to remind people of today of various injustices. She was quoted as saying: "I always felt their [her ancestors] help. I always felt supported. I have never felt alone in that sense, you know? I mean, even when I was alone with all the people doing whatever they do, I always felt my ancestors. And, over time, I guess, it just got really clear that they are the most honest and reliable critics and appreciators of one's work.” We owe it to the deceased who are represented within the story to let their story carry on.

Love, Ben

p.s. sorry I'm just really stressed about this whole thing, not trying to ramble.

Anonymous said...

You heard wrong.
I'm not for the book banning. I enjoy the books because they're something that I can relate to more than the stupid kids at school. I have a lot more in common with those characters in the stories. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower changed my life. Reading it just made me so emotional.

Rachel said...

hey anaya!

did you hear the PTSA is thinking of banning some of the books we have read in school? they want to ban these books because of their content, often concerning sex, drugs, racism, or other potentially offensive subjects. what do you think the PTSA should do? in my opinion, i have no problem reading these books, but i wouldn't want my younger sister reading these books so she doesn't get any bad ideas. i would be in favor of not banning these books or imposing an age restriction on them...let me know what you think!

<3 Casey

Shannon said...

Hey Anaya,
I feel the same way. These books are very good to keep in your schools. They teach high school student the lives of others. I think in some cases some of the books may be a little to hardcore for maybe freshman because you know how immature freshman can be. So many people against banning the books that is so AWESOME! people shouldnt tell us what to read.

-Gabbie Alexander

megan said...

hey girl! hows it going? yeah your def right! I do have an opinion about this! I think that its really not a big deal we read the books. I think that they are making like wayy to big of a deal. I think that we should totally read this stuff because it really doea happen! I think we should limit to just juniors and seniors thought. I think that its kind of inappropriate to let younger kids read about itahh like this is soo like annoying! what do you think about this?

kyle said...

Hello Anaya!
I agree with a majority of your faculty and classmates in that I too agree that these books should stay in our high school. Hopefully you feel the same way. I think it can really be beneficial for students like you.

Mr. Adam Tucker

Dezzi said...

I do agree with you. I think it's quite stupid for the PTA to ban books . I mean, these books were written for a reason, to get a point across. What is shown on TV and played on the radio and portrayed in the movies is far worse than anything you will find in one of these books. I don't think it's right for these books to be banned.

Dezzi said...

that last comment was from me, btw.