Monday, December 3, 2007

Ben Hogan

this is me on the last day of junior year. It was so windy that day. My girlfriend took this pic.

Hey everyone! My God-given name is Ben Hogan, but you can call me Worm, everyone does. I think it's becuase I love to read and always have my nose in a book, but my ex-girlfriend told me it is because I smell like dirt. Either way, please don't call me Ben! I live in Honolulu, and I have for 5 years. I moved here from Michigan. The people here are way different than Michiganites. People here are way too laid back, and always late, and never get anything done. They also spend too much time surfing- I never get a chance to go surfing because it makes me very rashy all over my body. All over. Sometimes I go into the ocean if I wear water booties, a long sleeved wetsuit, plastic face mask and water cap, and don't get my hands wet. So I don't go in very often.
I love animals, I just bought a two new pets- male guinea pigs, and I am keeping one in the basement in the dark, and one upstairs in my sunny kitchen. That way I can observe how light affects an animal's life. From what I've read, the one in the basement will suffer with severe psychological problems after about a week. This is second in a series of experiments I do on animals to watch their development.
I like hugging girls, and Iove hanging out with my boys at the observatory, but nothing compares to D&D. Dungeons and Dragons has been my passion since I was six. My parents play with me too, we play approxmately 4 hours a day. I hope to make it a career someday.

Character Name: Ben Hogan

Physical Description:

Birth date & Age: Feb 4. 18 years old

Height: 6'2

Eye Color:green

Build: gangly

Weight: 175

Hair Color: VERY red. Mom loves it.

Sex/Gender: virgin/male

Physical adjectives: Gangly, awkward, uncoordinated

Personality Type

Main personality traits: a little geeky, extroverted, friendly, well versed

Disposition: very happy and positive

Self-image: good; comfortable in my own skin


Marital Status: Single

Children: Only child

Place in Family: Only child

Immediate Family Members: Mom and Dad, grandpa lives in attic

Relatives: most live in Michigan

Personal Data

Education: go to high school in Honolulu, HI

Occupation: Student, work part time at turtle shop

Social Class: Upper middle

Religion: Catholic but I don't go to church, I work at the turtle shop Sundays

Ethnicity: Very white

Hobbies: D&D, Working at the turtle shop, reading books, Practicing magic tricks, doing experiments in my basement

Ambitions: Either something with Dungeons and Dragons, or turtles.

Friends: My best friend's name is Rich. We talk online.


Favorite Color: turtle green

Favorite Food: Fruit by the Foot

Favorite Beverage: I don't like liquids really, but I guess OJ

Favorite Book: LOTR

Favorite Time of Day: When my grandpa goes to bed so my parents and I can play Dungeons and Dragons without distraction

Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday! Turtle shop!

Favorite Season: Winter

Car: I prefer my trusty old bike

Favorite Sport: D&D

Favorite Place to Go: Work

Favorite Animal: turtle...obvi

Favorite Activity: D&D


knelson said...

Hey Ben,
I was wondering what your thoughts were about the PTSA wanting to ban all of those books. I think that all of the books are all appropriate for high school students. Although some of these books have violent or sexual themes, most of them can relate to themes many teenagers experience on a daily basis. I think that the books are essential in a high school students' education because they highlight themes that are happening throughout the world. What do you think about these books? Do you think some of them are too violent or too sexual?

sarah said...

Hey there benny boy!

Our schools PTSA is having some issues with the books we are reading in school because they feel that they aren't appropirate for us due to violence, sex, drugs or alcohal abuse in them. I don't agree with this ban because most teenagers have faced these issues and know what it's like so reading it for them is no differnt. As for those who haven't been exposed to it, this is a good example of what not to get into.
How do you feel about these books such as Perks Of Being A Wallflower? Do you think they should be banned from our public schools?

-hannah montana!=

MLarson said...

Hey Ben, If you haven't already heard our school's PTSA is thinking of banning some books that have been around a long time. Seeing that you are a big reader, I was wondering what you thought about these books. Do you think they are too violent or too sexual? Or do you think they are good reading material? Let me know. Thanks! ~Isabel Cortez

Mackin said...

Hey internet lovers,
Here's the low down. I don't think any of the books should be banned. LOTR has a lot of stuff in their books that could be offensive, and some of my other favorite books also include such material. Folks, the fact is that we are in a day and age where we face contreversy every day. Pretending it doesn't exist by refusing to let people read about it is a huge mistake. That just adds to the problem: if there are people who are close minded because they don't know about an issue, not letting them read about it will make it worse! They need to be informed so they can deal with the situation in a way that upholds their personal morals, and not out of ignorance.
As the manager of the turtle shop I work at said "You see sex on TV, you've had sex, and you hear people in the apartment over having sex--WHY SHOULDN'T YOU READ ABOUT IT?" So true.

Love you guys!


Jake said...


LOTR is awesome! It is very educational. But in my opinion about the PTSA i think that the books should not be banned. I feel that if we lose the books then we lose a part of our education. Thanks for reading my post. Surf's Up!

Jake Kawakiki

claire said...

I agree with what you are saying Jake . From being a lunch lady, I hear the stories that these teens are talking about from the weekends and parties they go to. The things that the PTSA think are too controversial in these books are part of the students lives first hand.
Doris McDermitt

Project Success said...

Good afternoon Worm,
I completely agree with what you are talking about. Some of the most influential books out there have things that may make it inappropriate, but that is how kids these days learn! Personally, I love to give my students books that may be challenging for them to read because it may change their prospective on how they see the world. If students cannot read these amazing books, they will not see the real teen literature that is really making an impact on today's society. I agree with you, we should definitely protest this ASAP!

Miss Druwell

Shelly4thHour said...

Dear, Ben
I got your comment concerning the book ban. I agree with you that the books are unfairly be torn of the shelves. I think that all the books should stay on the shelves because most of them teach real life lessons and deal with real life situations. Most students our age have gone through these situations or at least heard of them. The books help students and other deal with everyday life and teach good lessons. That why the boks should stay in the school.

Bailey said...

ok "worm" or whatever it is you want to be called. I totally agree with what you are saying about all of those stupid books being banned! i mean i am all for not having to read stupid books in school and what not but come one, do they like actually think we have not heard a swear word or have heard of sex before? i mean hello! we are mature teenagers after all. I think the administration treating us like babies is the real issue here. I totally think they should keep those books in our school systems.. i mean what is a book without a little pizzaz anyways? Much love Worm!
ps. how are those male guinea pigs you were experimenting with holding up?

Hibbs said...

Mr. Hogan,

Lemme break it down on what im thinking 'bout this whole banning situation of these books. They got it all mixed up, i mean im part of this school's staff, but they have gone biserk lately. Thinking they can hold my students back from reading what the truth is. The reality, the glimpse of real life out of the highschool bubble. That is education. More education than any math problem or bull shit worksheet. We have to stand up for what is right and for what is education. Let me know your mind entails. Keep the soul alive brother.

- ?uest Love

Megan said...

Hey Ben,
As a student i was wondering what you think about the PTSA wanting to ban many of the books that students are reading. Since im only an old janitor i haven't read these books and ya know its kind of hard to choose a side. I can see how there would be too much drugs and sex and i can see how its good for kids to be exposed to all different kinds of things in life. GEt back to me about what you think! see ya around.
-Albert Roy Samuels