Monday, December 3, 2007

Evie Carlson

My name is Evie Carlson but I go by Evie Exquisite. My parents forced me to leave my home of Boulder, Colorado and come to Hawaii. I don't like the sun because it makes me tan; I prefer being as pale as possible. I'm pretty big on Myspace. I have 6,496 friends as of November 28. I hate when stupid 13 year old girls leave me comments especially when they say something like "OMG I LOVE YOUR HAIR!". I want to go to some hardcore shows but it doesn't seem like many bands come to Hawaii very often (or more like ever). I love smoking cigs. It really sucks being in Hawaii because now I can't snowboard with my crew everyday. I just want to go home to Colorado!!!


knelson said...

Hey Evie,
I was wondering what your thoughts were about the PTSA wanting to ban all of those books. I think that all of the books are all appropriate for high school students. Although some of these books have violent or sexual themes, most of them can relate to themes many teenagers experience on a daily basis. I think that the books are essential in a high school students' education because they highlight themes that are happening throughout the world. What do you think about these books? Do you think some of them are too violent or too sexual?
Comment me back!

Moe said...

Hola Evie!
How's it going? Did you hear about the PTSA news on banning certain books in schools? I dont know why schools would ban books, I mean some books are all appropriate for high schoolers like me. How do you feel about the books being banned?

Rosie Larson

lawrence said...

Hey Evie,
Its Yancey the Janitor writing to you about the book banning issue. I would like to get a good feel for how the students are taking the book banning and why they feel the way they do. How are you taking it? I looked at your profile and it said you like to stay out of the sun to be pale. I just figured pale people reade more so figured i would ask a pale person. I don't know what to expect out of the student body, usually when stuff happens to kids they tend to vandilize stuff, which i have to clean up so i am asking around trying to get a good idea of what to expect.
-Yancey R. Jones
Assistant Custodian

Shelly4thHour said...

Hey Evie,
I heard that you want to ban the books. I really think that is not true about you. Let me knwo what you think.

Breezy said...

Basically on the whole of the book issue, I find it to be that most of the parents and other organization members just don't want there children or students to learn about things that uncommon to know at a young age, but when teens get are in high school, they should learn about more things in the world than what it taught. Heck books can teach someone a lot more than they already know. I guess the parents and others are afraid of giving the teens an open mind about things and also they might think that the kids might try to put some of the things they learn into practice. What about your view on the banned books? Should we be allowed to read the certain books or not?

Moe said...

Hello Evie!
I totally agree with you Evie! I do not see how books can be banned from school. The readers dont have to do what they read in the book. Also, if the district wants to ban those books those books doesnt mean they have to read the books but let others read it if they want. The students should have rights not just the school district. Unban the books!

Rosie Larson

Shelly4thHour said...

Hey Evie,
Glad to hear that you think the books should not be banned. I am glad to hear that you have been deeply affected by this. That is good because it proves my point that kids in our school need to read these books. The books deal with real issues and everyone has dealt with them or heard about them. See you at the family reunion later!

Shannon said...

Hey girl,

So your cousin was talking to me about how you are against the book banning to!!! That is so great! She told me that you feel you have more in common with those books and i feel the same way! I think if they take those books away what stupid books will they make us read. Some like books for kids. LAME! Even though i already heard how you feel give me some more insite of your views.

Gabbie Alexander

Dezzi said...

hey evie!

i heard you disagree with the book bannings. I agree wtih you. There is no reason that these books should be banned. These books were written for a reason, to get a point across. things showed on TV and in movies and played on the radio are way worse than anything written in these books. I don't see any reason to ban these books.