Monday, December 3, 2007

Karen Druwell

My name is Karen Druwell, I teach at Smilson High School. I teach freshman English, which is difficult because my kids don't want to be at school. They want to be out on the street in gangs, or doing nothing. That is why I am here, to help them succeed. My goal coming to Smilson High School is to make a difference in these kids lives, to show them the dream of what they can accomplish with hard work. I have so many things planned out to try and help make their school experience unforgetable! I want them to be the place they can come to and feel comfortable with eachother, not be divided by their race or ethnicity. I am so excited to see what happends with these kids! =)


MLarson said...

Hey Mrs. Druwell being an English teacher at the high school you must have strong opinions on the books that the PTSA wants to ban. These are books that I enjoyed reading but I am wondering if you enjoyed teaching them. Did you think that they are books you would have taught if they weren't apart of the curriculum. Did you find your students enjoying the books and learning something from them? If so what did they learn about and why is it important to keep reading these books? If they are books that you thought weren't educational why not? Were they too sexual or too violent. Thanks!

~Isabel Cortez

sarah said...

Mrs Druwwell.
I realy like your teaching skills and i am commeting you about your opinion on this book ban. our schools PTSA wants to ban some books from our system such as the Perks Of Being A Wallflower! I think this book is a great learning tool because its written for a teenager and teens face many issues that Charlie goes through in this book. As a teacher how do you feel about this? Do you like teaching books that talk about sex and drugs?
write back

-hannah montana

Mackin said...

Mrs. Druwell! I really hope that as a teacher that wants to break down the barriers of racism and especially a teacher of English, that you NOT allow the PTSA to ban these books! You see every day the suffering that kids deal with at home, and you know from study that the worst thing we can do is forget history. These books are historical documents- proof that time had gotten worse. I really want you to help me to fight this! I am willing to do whatever it takes. I think we should have Banned Book week at this school! Banned book week protests the idea of banning books and information. I think a school is the last place that should be restricting information. You can learn more about banned book week here: . That kind of just tells what the whole book week is about. As a teacher, you have more say than the students. You should go to a PTSA meeting and talk to the parents, and explain from a teacher's perspective why you don't think the books should be banned. Just because a few people think a book is wrong does NOT mean it should be banned! The most ridiculous book that was challenged (just as PTSA'S books on the book list now) I found, was A Light in the Attic by Shel Silverstein. In 1992, it was restricted to students with parental permission at the Duval County, Florida public school libraries because the books features a caricature of a person whose nude behind has been stung by a bee! And in 1996, it was challenged on the Webb City, Missouri school library shelves. A parent had protested that the book imparts a “dreary” and “negative” message. Can you believe that?! I consider PTSA's list just as ridiculous, but slightly different. The books on the PTSA's list are more offensive (to some) BUT offer more significant messages. I think it is just like A Light In the Attic but on a bigger scale. Please consider everything I've said Mrs. Druwell!

Your favorite student,

Ben Hogan

P.S. Take a look at this! I think these would be radical if we passed them out:

claire said...

Being an english teacher, I believe that you would have some insight about this problem. I think that it is important for the students here at the school to read about these things to learn about what happens n our society. DO you agree?
Doris McDermitt

Shannon said...

Dear Mrs. Druewell,
I have very strong feelings that these books should not be band. All of these books teach some life lesson about treating people or about what other people are going thought. They are educational, not in the way that the school thinks they are but it teaches us students how other people live. Personally perks of being a wallflower is one of my favorite books. It shows the life of high school student and not many books really capture that like perks of being a wallflower does. I am very glade we have the same feelings about this issue.

-Gabbie Alexander

kyle said...

Hello Karen,
I don't know about you but I haven't heard anyone who thinks these books should be banned. I thought I'd consult another faculty member to see if you've heard of anyone in favor of getting rid of the books. Get back to me please.

Mr Adam Tucker