Monday, December 3, 2007

Doris McDermitt

Hi! My name is Doris. I am the coolest lunch lady you will ever meet. I love my job because I get to see all of the kids everyday, and they love me because I give them food. Every kid is so nice to me because I make sure to make the food they love, and I obviously make them laugh! I am the most outgoing fun person you will every meet. I love to havea good time with my family and friends. I have two sons, both in College over in Minnesota and California. Now my husband Isadore and I are empty nesters. I was sad at first, but now I love it because I get to bring my friends over so we can have cooking and knitting parties! We also spend alot of time watching hockey games that my son tapes and sends over to us from Minnesota. Our favorite activity is going to the casino wiht my girls! We usually lose some money, but we still have the best tme ever! When I do win, I put the money into a special account because I am saving up to go back to Italy with my husband. We love the laid back atmosphere over there, and we want to get a villa for a summer as soon as we retire!

Character Name: Doris Mcdermitt
Physical Description
Birth date & Age: December 3, 1958, I am 50 years old
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Eye Color:brown
Build: I am short and I have a big belly
Weight: 153
Hair Color: salt and pepper
Sex/Gender: Woman
Physical adjectives: Chubby, hunched over, starting to wrinkel, tan skin
Personality Type
Main personality traits: I am a very happy person, very outgoing, I laugh alot, I try to help all of the students, I befriend alot of people
Disposition: overall positive person
Self-image: I have great self confidence, and I love myself
Marital Status: I am married to my man named Isadore
Children: I have two sons that are in college. Riley is at St. Thomas and Tanner is at UCLA
Place in Family: I am an only child
Immediate Family Members: Husband Isadore, Children Riley and Tanner
Relatives:My father died 2 years ago, but my mother is still alive. My husband has 3 siblings, a sister and two brothers.
Personal Data
Education:I completed high school, but then got a job as a waitress in a resturant downtown
Occupation: I am the lunch lady at our highschool
Social Class: am in the the middle class
Religion: I am a Roman Catholic
Ethnicity: Italian- this is my favorite Italian magazine
Hobbies: obviously I love to cook. I also enjoy knitting, painting, and shopping
Ambitions: I want to someday live back in Italy with my husbands family
Friends: I go to the casino onve a week with my 3 best friends Jill, Becky, and Fran.
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: ravioli
Favorite Beverage: iced tea
Favorite Book:The Davinci Code-- Buy IT!
Favorite Time of Day: I am a morning person
Favorite Day of the Week: Friday.. Casino Day!
Favorite Season: winter
Car: blue toyota camery
Favorite Sport: I liked watching my son play hockey
Favorite Place to Go: the library
Favorite Animal: monkeys
Favorite Activity: cooking the best scotcheroos in the world


Ellie said...

Hi Doris, what's up? What's for lunch today? Anyway I was looking at the PTSA note on the books that parents would like to be banned at school and I was just wondering your opinion? I think the books are completely legit for high schoolers to read. How can they want to ban To Kill A Mockingbird? It is one of the most innocent books I have read. I agree some of them are a little too violent and vulgar but as 18 year olds I believe that older students should be able to enjoy them. Seniors are about to go off to college, and into the real world. What's the harm in reading award winning books?

knelson said...

Hey Doris, I was also wondering what your thoughts were about the PTSA wanting to ban all of those books. I think that all of the books are all appropriate for high school students. Although some of these books have violent or sexual themes, most of them can relate to themes many teenagers experience on a daily basis. I think that the books are essential in a high school students' education because they highlight themes that are happening throughout the world.

Ellie said...

oh yah Ellie= Brooke Davis!

sarah said...

Hey doris,
So the school PTSA is having talk about banning some of the books we read in school such as The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. Personally, I love this book and even though there is much talk about sex/rape, drug and alcohal in it, I think this is ok for teens to read about because we face these things every day. I mean, come on were in highschool. As a lunch lady you may or may not have big feelings about this but what is your opinion On this talk about banning the books?

-hannah montana

p.s. Keep up the good lunches! : )

Captain Jack said...

Hello Doris, What's goin' on. I don't think that any book should be banned for any reason ever.
-Jack Straw

Mackin said...

Dear Doris,
Look, let's be real. You are a lunch lady. You don't have a whole lot of say over what books we can read. I don't know how upset that makes you. But you are a parent, and you had kids in high school once. Did you care if they read offensive literature? Did it make you uncomfortable or were you glad they got new perspectives and opened their mind to offensive issues? Would you have talked to administration or gotten heavily involved and tried to ban the books like PTSA? Would you have been mad if your child had a book banned from the curriculum because a parent thought it was wrong? Do you think times have changed since you and your kids were in school? Are parents more protective? Sorry this whole thing is questions, but it's legit. All you ever ask me are questions--- “want pears?” “want doubs pizza?” Now it's my turn!

Love you, see you tomorrow in alternative line!

B. Hogs

Jake said...


How are you doing. I'm not ok because of the new issue concerning the banning of some books. I think that we should have the right to read any book that is presented to us. Books are a great past time no matter what the content. Well i was just writing to see what you think on the issue. Thanks for reading!
Surf's up
Jake Kawakiki