Monday, December 3, 2007

Jake Kawakiki

What's good? My name is Jake and i am a man that loves to surf and play ping pong. You may think of a surfer as a dumb person with his morals mixed up but i am a lot different than that. I have a 4.0 GPA and i am in the top 5 percent of my class. I usually try to find time to study and to surf. I am about 6 feet tall and i have brown eyes and blonde hair. My all time favorite idols in the world are Kelly Slater and Chetan Baboor. Slater is an excellent surfer that in my opinion is the greatest of all time. He's even got his own tournament he is conducting. Chetan Baboor is a great ping pong player that i idolize in every way. I would say that i am pretty friendly. I am easy to get along with and i feel that if you saw me on the beach i would be approachable. I don't come off as an ass but i can be if you give me the right circumstances. I am still a student at Maui home of the Tiki's. I don't care much for the name because that's not all of what Hawaii is about. We do have awesome waves. In my free time when i'm not studying i usually call up some buddies and we just have a good time and discuss current events in the surf world or pong world. You may think that all i am about is surfing, ping pong, and school but i am. HAHA! Yeah that's basically all you can do on an island. Well that's all for now i hope you feel like you can talk to me. Later BRA!


Ellie said...

Hey Jake! I totally agree with your opinion on the PTSA letter. I think the books are all educational in their own way. Most of the books relate to our life as teenagers. Most of us go through the things happening in the books, so why not learn a little more about them? Some of the books are pretty violent and vulgar but we're in high school, we're mature enough to hear it.
Let me know what you think!
-Brooke Davis

Captain Jack said...

Hey is it ok if i call you kiki, cool. Listen i agree that these books are educational. It is important for kids to know about all of these thing. Simply sheltering kids is not good. They will be exposed sooner then later and when they find out that their parents kept this from them they will lose trust in authority. Then they will probably become alcoholics and use crack and end up in jail. So it's definetly important for kids to read these books
-Jack Straw

Hibbs said...

Yo Kiki whats good my brother? Lemme bring you in on my feelings on this new book ban. They trying to take over our right to a real education. I'm sick of these bullshit math problems and worksheets that don't get us no where. I want some reality in my life, right? Something like black boy. The reality of racism in America taught in a book. A real autobiography of a man's life. Yea there's violence, killings, murders, but that is the stuff i gota hear about. i don't want no damn worksheets. They trying to keep us locked tight brawsive. Lets stick it to the man, ya dig? brother to brother, tell me what you feeling?

Hibbs said...

yo that comment above came from:

- ?uest Love

brittany said...

Hey I agree with you completely cause you kids are dealing with stuff like drug, alcohol, violence,suicide and other things that the PTSA think is bad and trying to ban you guys from reading books about it. I know personally that you all deal with stuff cause I hear the rumors.I think that it is good for you guys to read about other people going through this stuff because that way you all don't feel like your the first person to go through it. So I say leave the books alone!!!

Your friendly lunch lady
Heki Jones