Monday, December 3, 2007


Hey ya'll whats up! I'm Hannah Montana and as many of you know me, im a leading popstar for all young girls out there. Come check out one of my shows somtime! I moved out here to the gorgeous island of Hawaii just a from months ago and I love it. I moved out here from Malibu, California because my dad got a job transfer so we moved out here. Once school starts up I am going to be attending Maui High School Home of the Tikis! I've herad some good things about this place, and that theres an awesome sports team! I'm looking foward to kick off my freshman year and meet new people. Even after I graduate, I still plan on having an education, unlike many popstars out there. This summer I went a tour at the University of Hawaii and would love to go there upon graduating from Maui High. It was hard to leave at frist but I've been kind of used to moving so much because of my occupation as a singer, going on tour dates so often. Going on tours gets in the way of school and somtimes I fall behind but I do love the life of being a popstar! Ofcrouse to keep in tact with school, I have a personal tutor trravel around with me while I'm on tour. I sure do miss my best friend, Lily though! You might think that because I am a popstar, my normal teen life is differnt from other highschoolers. But i most definetly love to do a lot of the same things as any teen girl. Some of my favorite hobbies are Shopping (a girl can never get enough of it!) going to the movies, running, hanging out down the beach catching a tan, and from time to time I do enjoy riding the waves on my brothers surfboard every now and the.I live with my brother and dad. My brother is Jackson and he's 17 years old. We have a typical brother-sister relationship. I get along very well with my father and he supports my singing career 100%, but ofcourse he always has me put school first. I've been getting a lot of attention out here as Hannah Montana and I do like it because it helps me get to know the teens around here but somtimes I wish I could just be a normal person living a normal life. I like the atmosphere of everything out here so far, It's a good life. I love my family and friends and thank them everyday for supporting me through my career, and thinking of me as a person rather than just Hannah Montana the popstar. Check out my wiki page if ya'll wanna hear more about more about me!



knelson said...

Hey Hannah!
I was wondering what your thoughts were about the PTSA wanting to ban all of those books. I think that all of the books are all appropriate for high school students. Although some of these books have violent or sexual themes, most of them can relate to themes many teenagers experience on a daily basis. I think that the books are essential in a high school students' education because they highlight themes that are happening throughout the world. What do you think about these books? Do you think some of them are too violent or too sexual?
Comment me back!!

KP said...

Hey girl!! I love your new song, See You Again! I YouTubed it last night! So fab. So these books that are supposidly wanting to be banned? I think they are fine. Sometime sthey are an adequate representation of what high school is really like, such as Perks. It is difficult for people to fit in and sometimes they resort to drugs. And for Kite Runner, it has some scary scenes, but it is what is happening in real life. By reading these books, we get exposed to different aspects of life from various cultures. Yes, sometimes I can be smart. See you at the mall later?! Okay
Love ya!

lawrence said...

Ms. Montana-
Its Yancey the Assistant Janitor. I am responding to your question about the book banning. I think that the PTSA is doing the right thing by banning these books. Don't get me wrong its not like i want people to burn them (thats just another mess that i have to clean up). I think that they are not apropriate in an educational setting. If students want to read them in their spare time great more power to them. But as a janitor i really dont have a say in the matter. I couldn't really care less what you kids are reading, more than half of the students these days actually does read. How do you feel about it?
-Yancey R. Jones
Assistant Janitor

MLarson said...

Hey Hannah I agree with what you said. I think we should keep the books in schools. They are things that happen around us and instead of keeping us away from them we should know what really is happening. It is hard to read these things but it is the truth. I love all the books we read and really learn from them. The school needs to keep these books.

Natalie said...

Hey Hannah!
I was just wondering what you thought about the PTSA banning the books that we read. I personally think that this is comletely wack! Even though there are some sexual moments in these books, I think that we are maure enough to handle this. What do you think? Keep singing!!

Hailey Conrad

Project Success said...

Good Afternoon Hannah,
These books need to stay in our curriculum. My students really enjoy reading these books because they can relate to them, like in Perks of Being a Wallflower. Some of the books may be inappropriate, but how else are they going to learn? They sure can't learn from cheesy fairy tails. Personally, I don't like teaching about sex and drugs, but it is a good topic builder to spark conversation since the kids can relate to it. At least that's what I have experienced throughout the years.

Miss Druwell

megan said...

hey hannah! yeah i know what is going on seriously? like what the heck? I personally dont think that its a big deal we read the books. I mean helllooo that stuff we read about actually happens in real life! i think we should limit it to just juniors and seniors though. but anywho! how do you feel about it?