Monday, December 3, 2007

?uest Love

Character Name: Quest Love

What's goin on ladies and gents my name is quest Love and I am the Philosophy Teacher at Maui High school, Home of the Tiki's. On the side I am also a percussionist and a revolutionist who is in the band called the roots. I am a man with great love for the passion of people and the passion of my students. I have been playing drums for about 17 years and I know the ropes around the music business. With some other side jobs consisting of a DJ, a record producer, and a journalist I have made a living through my passion for music and people. I am the essence of hip-hop, with a dominating presence in the music scene today. I am a man of deeper thinking and being an intellectual and a speaker of African Americans. I love my soul food and the family that surrounds me. Also a big part of my life involves my commitment to the international Ping Pong associaction. I love to dominate the world cup and it really has done great things for me! I have traveled the world because of my music, and achieved my greatest dreams. All this is why I teach, so I can give back to the students through my experiences and education of the real world that we all live in. I am a Love Movement.

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: January 20th, 1971

Height: 6' 1''

Eye Color: Hazel

Build: muscular but not a meathead

Weight: 175

Hair Color: Black

Sex/Gender: Male

Physical adjectives: I got a sick Fro

Personality Type

Main personality traits: Love, soul, intelligence

Disposition: warm and welcoming

Self-image: Respect and Love myself


Marital Status: Single

Children: none

Place in Family: Oldest son

Immediate Family Members: My father and Mother, and my sister

Relatives: Many

Personal Data

Education: High school

Occupation: Philosophy teacher, Recording Artist and Producer, DJ, Journalist

Social Class: Middle Class

Religion: Follower of Jesus Christ

Ethnicity: African American

Hobbies: passion for Drumming and Human Beings, and dominating the international ping pong league!

Ambitions: To create a revolution for the bettering of humanity

Friends: Many friends only a few true friends


Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Beverage: Orange Juice

Favorite Book: Irresistible Revolution

Favorite Time of Day: 9:11 AM

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Season: Fall

Car: Limo

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Favorite Place to Go: Studio

Favorite Animal: Bear

Favorite Activity: Talking to people with different perspectives on life


Jake said...

Mr. Love,

So we speak again old friend. What is your opinion on the book ban? According to my sources The Perks of Being a Wallflower was one of the most educational books ever published (Schwab). I agree with this because it is really a good way to educate kids about the serious issues in high school. Thanks for reading dude! Surf's Up!

Jake Kawakiki

imhungry4food said...

ah rad hair cut dude. So as a teacher what do you think about all this like book ban talk? Like are these books like so totally bad ass that they need to be banned? Ah i don't really read too much so i have no idea what the fuss is about. Are parents just throwing a hissy? Or are these books so gnarly i should start reading the pages instead rolling them?

Captain Jack said...

Hello ?uest, what's goin' on. Listen, I agree that these books should not only not be banned but should almost be required to be read by everyone. Opening the minds of the youth has always been my goal and if I can get kids to read then I'm successful.
So, Stay cool motha fucka you know the rules.
-Jack Straw

caitlin said...

Mr. Love-
Please tell the school board not to ban our books. I am just a student, and I feel that the PTSA doesn't care about my opinion or how the student body feels. Please let them know that these books shouldn't be banned. Books with racism and racial language will always be read. Kids at our school need to be educated on topics like racism; we don't have any racism in Maui. As for the sexual content in books, I believe that the kids at our school will read about sex wether or not the PTSA allows it. Lastly, drugs will always be part of high school society. People will be using them or know others who are using them. Banning the books will not solve anything. Please understand where the students are coming from.

-John Sanders

Megan said...

Quest Love,
As a philosophy teacher i was wondering what you thought about the PTSA wanting to ban these books from the students. As a janitor i wasn't sure about what to think becuase i haven't read some of the books like The perks of being a wallflower. Do you think its going to influence students' decisions in real life? or do you think its good to expose students to all these things that are going to later come up in life? get back to me about what you think though. Se you around.
-Albert Roy Smauels