Monday, December 3, 2007

Dominic Ferrari

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Dominic Ferrari is one of those kids that is nice until someone looks at him in a funny way, then he'll make sure to get revenge whether just or not. He's extremly into fashion, he won't leave the house without the right outfit, his makeup done correctly, and his hair poofed up. question him or his orientation and he bites back in a vicious way.
Ferrari is super emotional for a guy, especially a guy of his size. He's built but when a girl dumps him he gets mad and will verbally fight girls as if he was one himself. As in, he'll talk behind their back and make sure to spread all the rumors he can
this is, of course, only for those ex girlfriends
He is creepy
as he likes the concept of death and blood
Halloween is one of his more favorite holidays
and has no fear of telling people his infatuation with weird things
Generally a he's a good kid,
but he tends to lay more focus on how he looks rather than being a good student
and would rather go out than think too hard.

He enjoys
The bigger the hair, the better
The darker, the better
The weirder, the better (whithin scene limits)
The Faster the better
The harder the better
The more screaming, the better
Stage presence is everythin!
And of course, Zombies!
Holy crap, How fun would a Zombie apocolypse be!?


Breezy said...

Hey Dominic!
Okay so there is this big debate going on about books that the PTSA has banned in several schools and how the conflict with these books are about alcohol, drug, and sexual related problems. I just wanted to know your opinion on this matter and why do you think they want high school students to read something less provoking. Should it indeed be taken away from us to read things that can open our minds a little more?
~Theo Haflin

Anonymous said...

Evie Carlson

What's going on? What do you think about the PTA ordeal? I don't think that it's a big deal. It's not like just because we read something we're going to go out and do the behavior that is displayed within the book right?

kyle said...

Hey Dominic,
I think the results of this debate rely more on the choices of the students and less on the choices of the faculty, so I am interested to hear what your opinions are?

Mr Adam Tucker

imhungry4food said...

Wow, nice piercings bro! You look like a pretty far out dude, somebody i could be on the same page with. So have you been hearing about this whole book ban stuff? I've been tryin to figure out what the deal is. Having not really read any of these books but heard a lot about it, i wanna hear what other people think about it. I mean personally i think they should let it be, anything to spice up school, keep things interesting. I wish i would have known about all this stuff before, i would have started reading these books a long time ago.