Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heiki Jones

Character Name: Heiki Jones

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: 4-17-68

Height: 5'1

Eye Color: brown

Build: fat

Weight: 155

Hair Color: black

Sex/Gender: female

Physical adjectives: _playing checkers

Personality Type

Main personality traits: _busybody

Disposition: friendly and sweet

Self-image: I know everything about every one

Marital Status: married

Children: no children

Place in Family: a wife and a aunt of thirteen

Immediate Family Members: my husband Adam Jones (main lander)

Relatives: Four brothers named Hiapo,Lkaika, Kaimi, and Nahoa. Three sisters named Nohea, Meli, and Maka Nani. Thirteen nieces and nephews named Hau'oli, Makana, Lea,Aolani, Mano, Nalani, Niele, Pilialoha, Kei, Laka,Sarah,liz, and Alana. Two sister in laws named Luana married to Hiapo and Betsy married to Kaimi. Three brother in laws named Makana married to Nohea, Kupa`a married to Meli, and John married to Nani.

Personal Data

Education: high school grad.

Occupation: Lunch Lady

Social Class: middle

Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Hawaiian native

Hobbies: gossiping and eating

Ambitions: none my life is great

Friends: Kokunei and every one

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: Kalua pig

Favorite Beverage: fresh coconut milk

Favorite Book: People Magazine

Favorite Time of Day: lunch time

Favorite Day of the Week: every school day

Favorite Season: fall

Car: No ride a bike

Favorite Sport: surfing

Favorite Place to Go:to the beach

Favorite Animal: starfish

Favorite Activity: gossiping

Aloha friends, my name is Heiki Jones and I am the lunch lady at Maui High, I have been proudly serving lunch here for nine years. I may not look like a super model but sure a fun lady. I have all natural black hair and dark beautiful brown eyes. I am old enough to work at a high school and thats all you need to know about that. I have been married to my wonderful husband for twenty one years and we have a dog named Rio. We named him that because thats were we first meet. I was there because I was at a surfing contest with my older brother Hiapo. He doesn't surf any more because broke his leg when he went in to a reef during a contest. Now he just bumbs around feeling sorry for him self. Sorry little off track but I just couldn't keep it in. Oh so about me I live with my husband who is a main lander, which is how I got the last name Jones. He works as a hotel manager at the Aloha Pualani Hotel. Oh I heard that Hedi Klum and some unknown guy was there together and they sppent the whole time together. Enough about that, for all you students that are knew at Maui High I am the one you want to be friends with cause I can let you know whats going on at Maui High and I also am the best cook ever. You can say that I am the eyes and ears of the school cause I know who every one is going out with and all the little dirty secrets around school. Like that Yancey Jones was in jail in Dallas for killing a man. Oh and that Mr. Gaizo and Ms. Thomson were kissing in the teachers lounge two days ago. So if you haven't figured out that I know every thing by now then you better figure it out soon cause your reputaion lies in my hands.Oh and remember to pick up your trays after lunch.


knelson said...

Hey Heiki Jones,
I was wondering what your thoughts were about the PTSA wanting to ban all of those books. I think that all of the books are all appropriate for high school students. Although some of these books have violent or sexual themes, most of them can relate to themes many teenagers experience on a daily basis. I think that the books are essential in a high school students' education because they highlight themes that are happening throughout the world. What do you think about these books? Do you think some of them are too violent or too sexual?

MLarson said...

Hey Heiki I was wondering what your thoughts were on the books the PSTA wants to ban. Do you think they are educational? Or do you think they too violent and sexual? They are said to be great works of literature but do you agree? If you have children would you be o.k. with them reading these books? Thank you.
~Isabel Cortez

Moe said...
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Moe said...

Hello Heiki
Did you hear that the PTSA banned certain books in our school? I totally dont agree with it. I think that high schoolers like me should be able to read books that may be inapporiate for younger kids. How do you feel about certain books being banned from Hawaii schools?
Rosie Larson

Breezy said...

Hello Heiki,
I have been going around asking people for their sincere answers to the PTSA and their rules about banning books. As a very infamous lunchlady, what do you think of them not letting some books be read by high school teens? Also is it right for someone my age to read things with crude language and reference in them?

Jason said...

Hello Heiki Jones,

Recently the PTSA was saying that they are going to ban a few books for our school's library. I think that this is outrageous and they should not do this. What do you think? If they do this we will lose an amount of educational lituture.

kyle said...

Heiki Jones,
It'd be nice to hear another adult's view on this issue. Get back to me please.

Mr Adam Tucker

Megan said...

Hey Heika,
I was wondering what you thought about this whole ordeal. Me and Yancey were talking and its hard to decided since we haven't read these books since we only work at the school not attend. I dont know. Let me know what you think. Great meatloaf yesterday! see ya later!
-Albert Roy Samuels