Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hey Everyone! Okay so my name is Barbie! Ah Im like super friendly and love shopping! I mean like hello who doesn't? I go to Maui High School in Honolulu! Its totally fun and I love it! I moved here when I was eight. My dad wanted to move here cuz he got a really good job. He owns like ten surf shops on this island. its awesome. Im totally funny and I have a ton of friends! I dont want to brag or anything but Im pretty much the best thing on this izland. Im crazy smart and fun to be around. I love my house! its really big and its a fun party house. its always pretty kickin. I love throwing themed parties. Like beach theme or like halloween or whatev. its always fun! My favorite thing to do is chew gum. I love every flavor and I always get bored during school so it passes time.My best friend is Summer Roberts! what up BETCH! haha i heart her. We hang out all the time. So yeah heres a lil more about me!

Physical Description
Birth date & Age: I was born May 23rd 1991
Height: 5'7
Eye Color: Atlantic Ocean Blue
Build: Im althletic and I have great legs:)
Weight: 115-120
Hair Color: Sandy Blonde aka gorgeous
Sex/Gender: femail
Physical adjectives: k well im obviously good looking my hair is silky smooth and my curves are kickin

Personality Type
Main personality traits: funny, caring, loving, outgoing, off the hook, OC
Disposition: everyone totally loves me! duh

Marital Status: not married yet.. im only in high school HELLO!? but i have like the best bf ever! ah hes super hot! my bff summer has a bf who is my bf best friend so its totally AWESOME!
Children: nada
Place in Family:youngest. i have two older siblings. one brother ken(21) and an older sister theresa (19)

Immediate Family Members: mom, dad, ken, and theresa. oh and my dog sparky:)

Relatives: most live in IdaHO so i never really see them. i mean hello who wants to go to Idaho? BORING! thank god my parents have brains and moved here!

Personal Data
Education: high school?

Occupation: What the hell? eh no thanks im a model though so look out im gonna be famous soon!
Social Class: definetelty upper! and proud of it betches!

Religion: Lutheran

Ethnicity: white, but i tan alot.

Hobbies: shopping, going to the beach with summer! my (BFF) getting manis and pettis. hanging out with my bf, playing with puppies, massages, buying new cars , going on super expensive vacations etc

Ambitions: marry a millionare

Friends: ha like a zillion

Favorite Color: pink

Favorite Food: chips and salsa! yummy in my tummy

Favorite Beverage: strawberry daquari (virgin unfortunately), diet coke, dp (docta peppa)

Favorite Book: does cosmo count?

Favorite Time of Day: night! party time!

Favorite Day of the Week: friday!

Favorite Season: i like all the seasons cuz its always warm here!

Car: silver BMW convertable

Favorite Sport: lacrosse hockey and volleyball

Favorite Place to Go: summers house and the mall

Favorite Animal: golden retreiver

Favorite Activity: beach volleyball


sarah said...


hey, the PTSA is concerned about some of the books we have read in school such as The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, because of all the sex, drugs and alcohal talked about in it. I am not sure if I support reading books like this in school or am against it. I am writing to you to see what your opinion is on these books.Write back please! thanks girl.

-hannah montana

Shadowfane said..., what do you think of books like Beloved? do you think that there should be a rating of some sort on books for students? i personally dont, but for some reason you dont strike me as the type of person to read and like the 'down and dirty' stuff. no offense.


Shelly4thHour said...

Hey Barbie
From what I read about you, you seem like you would have a strong opinion about the book banning. Let me know if you agree with about keeping them in our school

Rachel said...

hey barbie!

did you hear the PTSA is thinking of banning some of the books we have read in school? they want to ban these books because of their content, often concerning sex, drugs, racism, or other potentially offensive subjects. what do you think the PTSA should do? in my opinion, i have no problem reading these books, but i wouldn't want my younger sister reading these books so she doesn't get any bad ideas. i would be in favor of not banning these books or imposing an age restriction on them...let me know what you think!

<3 Casey

Bailey said...

OMG what up betch! so did you hear the PTSA is trying to take over the school and ban those books we actually read?! i mean come on! We even read those books! eww i think like reading is totally disgusting too. So i told Ms. Marlys Anderson to keep them and to back up off our administration and learning! i mean who died and made them in charge honestly?? I also told her that we like totally love to swear, and swearing makes us look way classier and way more grown up right?! So anyways i would really appreciate if they all stopped treating us like we were in middle school again! i mean we are so much more mature and so much older than we were then! HELLOO! well anyways, do you want to go like tanning later? just text me on my sidekick and we can like go catch some rays or our other duh! Call me betch! Love ya!