Monday, December 3, 2007

Sharpay Evans-Student Extraordinaire

Hello! I am Sharpay Evans. I am 18 years old. I live with my family in Honolulu during the winter. My favorite color is pink. I rule Maui High School, Home of the Tikis! I am fabulous! I am the lead in every play, and no one can challenge me! So don't even try. I am very good at golf and during the summer, my family goes to our country club in Lava Springs, Arizona. I have a dog named Blondie, who is my favorite, and a brother named Ryan. I am a senior this year, and when I graduate I plan on attending University of Florida Performing Arts. I really can't wait to graduate. I am an actress and a singer. My favorite food is grilled chicken caeser salad. My favorite movie is Mean Girls, and my favorite T.V. show is The Hills. In my free time, you will find me either at the mall or tanning on the beach. On the weekends I do homework, play golf, hang out with my brother, and write songs. I am diva extraordinaire, but I'm pretty nice to people if they are nice to me. I am a hard worker and very persistent. Sometimes people tell me I can be manipulative but really I am not. I like to cook, and I wish that Hawaii would have some professional sports teams, but I can deal. I like to take dinner cruises at sunset, and ride horseback on the beach. If you want to know more about me feel free to visit my wiki page.


Jason said...

Hello! My name is Iakona Makaiau. I am a fellow student at Maui High school. I think that the PSTA should reconsider banning these books in schools. All of these books offer a wide range of experiences that people may had to have gone through in their lives. If They ban these books how will high school students learn of the information provided in the books if they are banned. What do you think they should do Sharpay? I would love to her your side of the story.

Iakona Makaiau

sarah said...

Hey there Sharpayyy!

So...our schools PTSA is having some talk about possibly banning the books such as The Perks OF Being A Wallflower because offensive language, rape, drugs, alcohal use, and homosexuality. I personally think this stuff is ok for us to read about as teens because we face this stuff. Especially with the homosexuality, it's like they are saying its negatve. These books have good information in it and I think we sould be able to have the education of these.
How do you feel about this?
-hannah montana

Natalie said...

Hey Sharpay!!
I'm Hailey Conrad from Maui High School! I just recently found out that the PTSA is going to ban some of the books that we have read this year. I think this is a total outrage! We love these books, they can't ban them! What do you think about this??

Hailey Conrad

caitlin said...

Hey sharpay. Whats your opinion on the banning of books? I like most of the books they are planning to ban, and I do not believe they should banned. I think the PTSA is taking over the lives of high schoolers by restricted their learning and education. Dumb school. It sucks.

Peace out- John Sanders.

kyle said...

Hey Sharpay,
You should consider joining the swim team. Anyways, I agree with you. These books present so many different issues and struggles that all teenagers must eventually face and I think it is important that we keep these books a part of the curriculum.

Mr. Adam Tucker