Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Isabel "Izzie" Cortez -student

Personal Info

http://mariafourthhour.blogspot.com/2007/12/isabelizzie-cortez.htmlHola! My name is Isabel Cortez, and my friends call me Izzie. I attend Maui High School in Honolulu Hawaii. I a 16 and a sophomore at Maui High. I moved to Honolulu when I was eight years old, because my dad got a job here. I used to live in Gila, New Mexico. I love it here in Hawaii because it is always warm and it is beautiful. In my family there is 7 children. It sometimes gets crazy, but I love it. I have a twin brother and sister who are 18, an older brother who is 22, a younger brother who is 13, and two younger sisters one 12 and one 8. I play on the soccer and tennis team here in Hawaii. I am on Varsity tennis, but JV soccer. Almost all of my friends play the same sport as me. My dad is a realtor and my mom is a teacher. My mom teaches at Hillside Elementary School. I got a job this past summer at a store called Sweet Tooth. It is a candy and ice cream shop. I work 2-3 times a week and I really like it. During tennis and soccer season, I don't work. My favorite classes are gym and history. I hope to be a history teacher or athletic trainer when I am older. I havn't started really looking at college, but I think the University of Denver looks like a place for me. My oldest brother attends The University of Madison and is graduating this winter. He is becoming a marine biologist. My twin brother is going to The University of San Diego and my sister is going to The University of Texas. I love to hang out with my friends and stay active.


sarah said...

hey Izzie.
wow thats so cool your a triplet!

so our schools PTSA is having talk and wanting to ban some books at our school like the Kite Runner and Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I dont think they should bam these books because it is ok for teens to read about these things, we see them and go through these things a lot and have all in a way ben exposed to it.
as another student at this highschool, what do you think?
-hannah montana!

Natalie said...

Hi Izzie!
I know I am also shocked! Those books that you listed are some of my favorite books ever! I love Perks of Being a Wallflower! I really don't think that they should ban these books. It is such a crime! They should just higher the age that people read them! What a dilema!

Hailey Conrad

Rachel said...

hey izzie!

did you hear the PTSA is thinking of banning some of the books we have read in school? they want to ban these books because of their content, often concerning sex, drugs, racism, or other potentially offensive subjects. what do you think the PTSA should do? in my opinion, i have no problem reading these books, but i wouldn't want my younger sister reading these books so she doesn't get any bad ideas. i would be in favor of not banning these books or imposing an age restriction on them...let me know what you think!

<3 Casey

Project Success said...

Good Afternoon Isabel,
You're right, I do have very strong opinions about these books potentially being banned. I give these books to my students for them to read and learn about real life situations. Sure, they might not be pleasant or appropriate all of the time, but how will they learn if they can only read cheesy fairy tail stories? Yes my students love reading these books because they can see things that actually are happening in the world. If they stop reading these books, frankly they will be bored with the alternate material.

Miss Druwell

court said...

As a teacher I feel like it is good for the students to learn about "real" word. People need to know about the world out there and I feel as a teacher to prepare kids for the real world, and I strongly believe that these books open the students eyes on how scary the world is out there.

Jake said...
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Jake said...

The stupid school is trying to ban some books at our school if you haven't heard. This is the worst idea that i have ever heard of in my life because books are a base to a healthy education. I am commenting you to get your opinion on the issue. Thanks for reading this comment!

Jake Kawakiki

brittany said...

Hey i heard about that people out there were trying to ban some of the classic novels that I once read when I was you age. I think it is a dumb and poorly thought through because these books help teach you kids that you are not the first people to have to deal with drugs,alcohol,suicide,and abuse. In some of these books they talk about how other kids have gone through some of the same things.Also if you are anything like be me and history is boring then these books can help you get a feel for what people in the past, other countries,and minorities have gone and go through every day. So I think that Tami Keo should stop butting in with how the school is ran and let you kids read the books that will help you.
Your friendly lunchroom lady
Heki Jones