Monday, December 3, 2007

Hailey Conrad

Hi everybody! My name is Hailey Conrad. I am 22 years old and I am finishing up my fourth year at St. Kates! I have a fabulous boyfriend named Justin. We have been together for like six years! I know I am going to marry him! I currently work as a bar tender at a local club, but I am studying to be a nurse. I feel that I can drastically reduce the death rate in third world countries. I care about political issues that are on the news. I like to shop, get massages, facials, work out, and walk my dog. I try to stay active so I don't get fat, beacuse that would be like the worst thing ever! When I was eight years old my dad died in a car accident. I still haven't really gotten over it, but that is why I go to therapy sometimes. For the most part I love my life and I am a pretty happy girl!


MLarson said...

Hey Hailey If you haven't heard the PTSA is thinking of banning some books from the school. Some of the books are Perks of Being a Wallflower and Kite Runner. They say that the books are innapropiate for the students to be reading. Having been a student at the high school and now almost graduating you must have a lot of information and opinions on these books. Did you find them educational? Did you find them unnecessary to read because of the violence or sexual abuse in them? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

~Isabel Cortez

Moe said...

Hola Hailey! Did you hear about the PTSA news about banning certain books? I cant believe some of the books are on the list like:In Cold Blood and The Kite Runners. I can see how some parts of the book might be inappropriate like in The kite Runner but kids need to know that those certain issues exist. I'm aganist banning books. What do you think about the PTSA banning certain books?

Rosie Larson

Natalie said...
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Moe said...

Hey Hailey!

I dont think at all that the books should be banned. It doesnt make any sense why some of the books are on the banned list. i mean the kids that find the books offensive or inapproprate dont have to read the books. I feel like the school district is taking away the kids rights. Let the books stay and let everyone have a right to read those books in school!

Rosie Larson

sarah said...

hey hailey!
well i TOTALLY agree with you on that...i think the idea of the PTSA banning these books is out of lie. In all our lives we have seen and been exposed to the things talking about in these books such as sex, drugs, alcohal, these are all things teens go through. These books are a good way to learn more about thse things.

-hannah montana!

caitlin said...

Dear Hailey-
Where do you stand as a member of this school? Did you ever go here or what?

-John Sanders

KP said...

Hey Hailey,
I don't think these books should be banned. There is some adult content but why should we be sheltered from things that are really happening in this world. We should be exposed to what is really happening. What do you think?


brittany said...

Heki Jones
Hey Hailey have you heard about the stupid people on the school board who are trying to ban some books that students are reading because of the sexually content,the use of alcohol and drugs, language, and violence.You should take a look at the list on the PTA web site and tell me what you think.I have a quick question for you , you read a lot of these books when you were in school, correct, So do you feel like you have been harmed because of reading them? let me now
Your friendly lunchroom lady
Heki Jones