Monday, December 3, 2007

Theresa Joplin

My name is Theresa Joplin. I recently moved to Honolulu for my dad's work as a marine biologist. I am a new student at my high school. I am sort of having trouble making friends because everyone already knows everyone and has their own group of friends. I had a lot of friends back at home and I miss them a lot. I really like Honolulu so far (besides school) because it is very warm and has lots of things to do. I love to tan at the beach and swim in the ocean. I visited Honolulu once when I was 5 but I don't remember much about it and it is not like I remember. It is a lot prettier and scenic now that I live here. I used to live in Chicago so I would never see the ocean or even very much warm weather. I think my dog, Hailey, likes Honolulu a lot better than Chicago because she can actually spend a lot of time outside running around and she is not cooped up in our smaller apartment in Chicago. She has even started to love swimming! Things are a lot different here in Hawaii because the ocean is literally in my backyard. My family and I live in a pretty nice condo on the beach and spend most of my time with my two brothers who are 7 and 15. My brothers and I love to swim in our pool and walk down the beach as far as we can go. My dad spends most of his time working and my mom loves to clean the pool, wash our windows, and fix up the condo. When I grow up, I really want to be a Marine Biologist like my dad and hopefully work for him. I think I am going to start working for him now by organizing his notes and helping him in the office. I love animals, especially water animals so I think that the job would be perfect for me. I will probably go to a college that specializes in Marine Biology so I can get a head start on my occupation.

Here is a picture of my condo:

Physical Description

Birth date & Age: Birth date & Age: December 18, 1989

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Green

Build: tall & slender

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Red

Sex/Gender: Female

Physical adjectives: tall, skinny, strong

Personality Type

Main personality traits: nice, brave, honest

Disposition: generally happy

Self-image: very confident


Marital Status: single

Children: none

Place in Family: first child

Immediate Family Members: mom- cheryl, dad- steve, brothers- alex and jake

Personal Data

Education: high school student

Occupation: student

Social Class: middle

Religion: christian- lutheran

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Hobbies: running, swimming, hopefully going to learn to surf!

Friends: None yet =(


Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: Pasta

Favorite Beverage: Crystal Light

Favorite Book: Catcher in the Rye

Favorite Time of Day: Night

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Sport: I liked to play soccer back home but hopefully I will learn to surf now that I am in Honolulu.

Favorite Place to Go:

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Activity: swimming!


Ellie said...

Hey Theresa I definitely agree with your opinion on the PTSA letter. As teenagers we go through a lot of things these same characters go through in the books. I love reading these books and I don't see any harm. They do have some violence and are kind of vulgar but we're mature enough to hear it. We are in high school and I think we have a right to read award winning books.
-Brooke Davis

caitlin said...

Hey Theresa. I hope you are liking school and life here in Maui. I love it. I also agree that the books are appropriate. I know that there have been many controversies about Huck Finn but the version without the pictures is appropriate for a mature audience. The school board has better things to do then waste money trying to get these books removed. I mean come on... We don't even have a cool stadium. And the surfing team doesn't get any funding. This is dumb. The books should stay!
-John Sanders

Moe said...

Hey Theresa!
how's it going? I hope everything is going well in Hawaii. I am really enjoyed it so far, being a sophmore. Did you hear about the PTSA news about banning certain books? I totally agree that the books are appropriate for high schoolers. What do you think about banning certain books?

Rosie Larson

Anonymous said...

Evie Carlson

Hi Theresa. I don't really know much about the other books on the list but The Perks Of Being A Wallflower is my favorite book. It isn't inappropriate. Although there is some sexual content and illegal substances it's not like people will actually be inspired to do those things. They will do them regardless of what a book says.

claire said...

I think that it is important for these students to be able to learn about these problems that go on around them. Many of these students see these problems everyday. I think that if we get rid of these books, it will be harder for these kids to ask questions about these hard things they face everyday. Reading these books makes an opportunity for these kids to ask hard questions about the things that happen around them.

claire said...

PS I'm Doris Mcdermitt

sam said...

Hey Theresa! I received your message about the PTSA banning books that they felt inappropriate for students. I would have to agree with you on the matter, even though some of books deal with some very violent and sad subjects. The books discuss things that had or are happening in the world and it is important that the students should understand them, before going out into the world.

sam said...

PS I'am Chloe Parker.