Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam Smith - Bus Driver

Sam I Am. I’m a 33-year-old bus driver at the high school. I moved to the islands almost a decade ago. I came out for a visit and never went home. Since I moved here, I've been a carpenter, a waiter, a cook, and now I'm a bus driver at a high school. It leaves me time to do the things I like such as scuba diving and surfing, and playing with my two kids, of course. I like jumping off cliffs and diving into underwater caves. I like extreme sports and brushing up against danger. (Maybe that's part of the reason I like driving a school bus. Teenagers are CRAZY!) I gotta look tough, so I shave my head and lift almost daily. I like to express myself with body art: tattoos and piercings. I have a bunch of scars too—one from a ski accident and one from a bike accident. I’m not all crazy, though. I like watching documentaries and listening to public radio.

I’m pretty funny, a real smart-aleck, intelligent, hard-working. Don't push me or boss me--I don't like it. I’ll let you know you’ve gone too far.

I like to learn about politics and now much this world is getting totally messed up by people who think they know something. Another thing I can tell you is that I don't like when mainlanders, haoles, come out here and act like fools. Tourists act like they own the place. Go home if you're going to act like a pig—better yet—don't come at all. I think this is part of the reason I drive a school bus. At least kids have some hope left. Maybe.
This is not my school bus, but lava is what makes up the islands. People forget these are made of a bunch of volcanoes.

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