Monday, November 26, 2007

Palm High School: Home of the Coconuts

Come to Palm High School! We’re located right on ocean in Honolulu on the gorgeous Hawaiian island of Oahu. Palm High School is named after the palms of the island, which are plentiful and add to the beauty and culture of the island. Our school is an agricultural school; we believe in becoming one with the land and the resources that the land supplies us. Every Monday and Thursday, we have class outside in the school’s crops. Our crops include palm, pineapple, coffee beans pine nuts, macadamia nuts, and coconuts. While in the agricultural areas of our school, we learn about the process of growing and harvesting crops. We also learn about the different crops that can be grown in different areas. For this reason, our school’s mascot is the Coconut. Though our mascot may not be intimidating, our students are extreme athletes. Growing up in the agricultural field has yielded strong and athletic kids. Our best sports are football, baseball, and softball with greatly improving tennis teams. In addition, our dance team specializes in Hawaiian dance and has won three national championships in a row. Surfing and boogie boarding is a sport that has been popular since the school’s opening and the team is invite only; we only take the best. Our school is the best in the island of Oahu. We have great academic and athletic programs. Come to Palm High School, you will have a great overall experience!

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