Monday, November 26, 2007

Oahu Liliuokalini High Dolphins

ALOHA! As our school is going to be in Honolulu, Hawii, the perfect name for our school and mascot is Oahu High Dolphins. Oahu in Hawaiin means "gathering place". Oahu is the island that Honolulu is on. This would be a perfect fit for our school because daily people will come to gather in our school. Ofcourse it is important for us to incorporate history into our highschool name, yet have it be fun and catchy at the same time. Liliuokalani, upon the death of her brother, was the last reigning queen of the Hawaiin islands. Although it may not be your preferred gathering, it is still a gathering for people to all reach their one common goal of learning. Because Hawaii is a gorgeous island, it has beautiful animals on it. But ofcourse we cannot forget about our friends in the water, the dolphin! A dolphin is a perfect mascot for us because they are freindly, and we want peoeple to come into our school. Dolphins are slowly becoming extinct and we need to take care and preserve them and what better way to advertise that than in our own highschool name? In Hawaii , the marine life is very important. Dolphin in Hawaii is said nai'a. GO NAI'A!

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