Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Minneapolis, MN

The Twin Cities are where it's at!
It is a beautiful city with many exciting adventures to be made.
There are many exciting activities to do while you're there.
If you're into art, there are several different galleries such as, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts or the Walker Art Center.
You love shopping? There is the Uptown area with numerous shops that are unique and shopped by the fashionistas of the area. The famous is only a short 20 minute drive away. It has over 500 stores for your shopping pleasure. Don't pass out on the drive home!
The nightlife scene is pretty intense. There are lots of different clubs if you're interested in dancing and meeting some new people. Some of the most popular are: The Myth and Escape Ultra Lounge.
If you aren't into the clubbing scene, there are also tons of venues to catch a concert at almost every night! Minnesota is rising to become one of the top cities with the best up and coming bands. The heart of the city is probably First Avenue and 7th St Entry however there's also a fantastic Christian club called Club 3 Degrees with an amazing set up and guarantees an awesome night out without liquor.
Don't forget about Minnesota's countless lakes! One of the most wonderful lakes in the state is right in Minneapolis! It is the gorgeous Lake Calhoun where throughout the day many bikers, runners, walkers, and boaters can be seen all around the area. It is also a lovely place for a picnic.
Come to Minneapolis because there is no where else on the planet where you can have as much fun.

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Boeser said...

I want to visit your places, but the links are not working. : (

I guess I'll hve to get a real map and visit them, since I live in this city.