Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Honolulu girls Prepatory School: Home of the Hula Girls

Welcome to Honolulu girls prep, home of the Hula Girls! This school is in a very fun, unique and relaxed environment. With a serene environment, and gorgeous oceanic views you will be sure to be thrilled over our school. No need to worry for the girls because we have a boys prep just right down Kiwi Road. Our school day starts at 9:00 and ends at 2:30. Our boys school and girls school were the first to get all state championship title for Surfing. Surfing is our most prized sport at our school. Our girls are also All State Hula Dancers, the even have competed at National levels. Our school also has an outstanding academic record and are the highest rated in the state of Hawaii. Even with all of the fun activities to preoccupy your time with, our students still find the time to get all of their schoolwork done. Come by to see our beautiful campus and we assure that you will fall in love! Only 5 minutes south of Seashell Drive, Take a left at Coconut Grove and a Right on Kiwi Lane we are the second building on the left! We assure you won't miss it! for more questions or concerns just call 1-800-GO-HULA.!

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