Monday, November 26, 2007

Totally Righteous High, Home of the Surfboard

Rad! Whaddup lads and gents and let me show you a place of righteous power! Your own Totally Righteous High School located directly off the ocean where we specifically excel with surfboarding, and the whatever attitude! With hundreds of students already attending learning everything they possibly can about surfing. From the history of surfing to Surfing 101! Completely radical professors ranging from our ever so popular teacher Kelly Slater to even an unknown research professor Mr. Beach who is wickedly intelligent, YEA!

You brosives wanna know about a view, do ya?? Let me hit you up with a pic of perpetual Bliss and Glory. This is a view from our senior high balcony!
If you are a soul for adventure and finding
yourself in the depths of activities and the ocean this is a place for you. We have a 7-12 highschools from beginners to the most advanced.
Our mascot is none other than the greatness of a totally awesome surfboard that is totally killer! At this school you will find your style and vibe of what life means and how you can see your life through the ocean.
More importantly lets talk about our environment and how much it means to all of us. We all gotta stand up for our earth, ya know what i'm saying. Listen in hear kids lets make something of our beautful nature and keep it healthy, righteous? This is why we have classes on our oceans and environment, and how to keep it healthy.

Lets all surf together and find Love through the meaning of ourselves and the earth we live on. Come on. Come chill and see what were about, righteous??

Take up this totally rad opportunity and Join Totally Righteous High for an unbelievable High School Experience!! Righteous??

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