Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dole High School, Home of the Pineapples!

Welcome to Dole High School, Home of the FIGHTING PINEAPPLES! Our high school is nestled right against the Dole Plantation. The students and Dole Plantation have a very close bond! We support eachother greatly: our students in the agriculture, biology, botany, and business classes often trek over to Dole Plantation where they are welcomed to do experiments, make observations, and interview workers. We in turn offer a select group of juniors and seniors every summer to work at the plantation part time.
Dole High Schools takes great pride in its rigorous academics. Students strive to perform high above national standards. Our school boasts the highest percentage in the nation of National Merit Scholars. While we spend much time on academics, that isn't the only part of the high school that is great!
We boast a country-renowned boys soccer team, which has placed first in the state for the past ten years. Our girl's sea kayaking team is the best in our conference! We have a great athletic program that can take any of our students and turn them into high-performing athletes.
Dole High School's reputation throughout Hawaii is that of being the high school with the fewest cliques, and the most inviting and welcoming. All of our teachers have PhD's, which is very rare, but we offer them health and car insurance to work here, so you better believe they are happy to teach our students!
Lunch is eaten outside every day, unless it's raining, then students eat in the greenhouse/inside lunch area. Trips are taken over every school break throughout Hawaii and the Pacific, and it's a great opportunity for students to get involved.
Hope to see you wandering our halls soon, future Fighting Pineapple!

To find out more information about the Dole Plantation go to http://www.dole-plantation.com/

To find out more information about activities for teens to do individually or with the school go to http://www.aloha-hawaii.com/activities/hawaii+activities/

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