Monday, November 26, 2007

Waikiki High School: Home of the Menehune

Aloha! Welcome to the great island of Oahu. It is the third largest of the Hawaiian islands and is the most populous. The state capital,Honolulu, is located at the southeastern part of the isalnd. For this reason the founders of the Waikiki High School chosse this location.

Waikiki is a delightful blend of outside influences and local inspiration. You will find world-class shopping with high fashion and style, all mixed with island history, culture, and wonderful entertainment.Along with the best High school education around. Waikiki high school offers the best of education, sports, and fun!Waikiki high also was awarded many awards for being a leader in academics and sports. It has a very advanced learing center where students may go for preperation to colleges. Also our ACT and SAT results are over ten times better then the rest of the Hawaiian schools!

Below is a classic view of Waikiki Beach from one of the hotels at the northwest end of the beach. In the background is the Diamond Head crater

Waikiki High is home of the Menehune. The Menehune are said to be a people, sometimes described as dwarfs in size, who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian islands, far from the eyes of normal humans. They have a favortie food, which is the banana, but that's not really important. Here are a few photos of them.

This is a Menehune.

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