Thursday, November 15, 2007

Shanelle, Florida

Welcome to sunny Shanelle! A great city on the goregous coastline of southern Florida. We are located near the tip and on the western side. Shanelle has perfect weather its always sunny and warm.There are many activites here for all ages. Some of the many activites here are surfing, and other water activites in the Gulf of Mexico. In the city itself there are endless things to do like go to the mall, a bowling alley, a amusment park, a movie theater, lots of resturants with great food. Because we are located right on the beach there are also endless amounts of things to do outdoors. The community here is also fabulous! We have lovely housing and clean neighborhoods. The police are top notch and we have to neighborrhood watch too. We are a safe community to raise childern and I havent even mentioned our great school sysytem! We have mant teachers and small class sizes so students get full attention. Come to Shanelle its like no place else!

P.S. This is a fake made up city so there are no links

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