Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ham hawk Highschool, Home of the Porkchops

Welcome friends. Hows it going? Our school specializes in pig farming. Not that wimpy family farm type. Were talking land stomping, river polluting, nose commanding, money grabbing, no nonsense, animals in a cage pig farming. Just kidding. We are a normal high school, and we are very good at football. But our main sport is soccer. State champs 3 years in a row. We have four classes a day, most our outside and students don't have to attend when they don't want. Most teachers don't even show when the surfing is good. We have many environmental type classes. We celebrate our Hawaiian heritage often with cookouts and dances. Our name the Ham hawk is based on the food we feed the dolphins and sharks so they don't eat surfers. Our mascot the pork chops is based on the favorite food of Homer Simpson. Who is the inspiration of many of our teams victories. A popular cheer is, "Do it for Homer."

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