Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kelly Slater High of Hawaii- Home of the Snowmen

Do you know who Kelly Slater is? If not your not welcome at this high school. Kelly Slater is a surfer that is worshiped as if he were a God. Kelly Slater is a 7 time world champion and in our mind is the best surfer to ever live. Here at Kelly Slater high we like to think of everyone as tubular!

It's Hawaii and we are called the snowmen. Isn't it awesome? We like to think about what is normal and do the opposite because what makes something normal? We don't even have snow here in Hawaii but we like to build them with our imagination. Our snowman has three humps with the bottom one being the biggest and the top one the smallest. Of course the only way to make a snowman is with packing snow. No other snow will do. Snowmen may not be to intimidating but our high school name makes up for that. Far out! Plus we never get to compete with any other schools in the US because none will travel to this tropical paradise it's simply to expensive.

We offer the usual schedule of classes with math, english, foriegn languages, social studies, science, etc. But we do have one thing that is a little out there at that is a high tide surf break!!!! Best part of the day dude is high tide. When the moon is close enough to the earth the gravitational pull of the moon causes high tide. DUH! .htm So if your a person that is interested in getting away from the ordinary and having a sweet life, come to Kelly Slater High of Hawaii. We breed champions and no less. Alright peace out for now BRA!!

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