Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hilo Academy home of the Tsunami's

Hilo Academy Home of the tsunami's

Aloha welcome to Hilo Academy home of the tsunami''s, we are a private boarding school that has been educating the youth of Hawaii since 1878. Hilo Academy has been a co educational school since 1945 when it opened it's doors to woman. Hilo Academy teaches grades seven through twelve and has an amazing 18:1 student to teacher ratio. Hilo Academy offers many different classes that the public schools do not. Like five different languages which are all taught by people who are from that country r who have lived there for a few years. Physical education class which includes things like weight lifting, surfing, and beach volleyball. Science classes where students take classes in general biology and Marine biology, chemistry, meteorology, and astrology.They also take classes in the other major subjects like math, English, social studies,and other fun electives. When your not in classes you can hang out at the beach, go shopping or eat out at the mall which is a ten minute walk. Only the tenth graders and up are aloud to go off campus with out an adult. If you don;t want to go off campus or you not old enough there are still two restaurants and a cafeteria that you can eat at. It is a boarding school so the students do live on campus, there are three people to a room. In the room there is one small refrigerator and three raised beds with a desk under each one. Each room has there own full bathroom.All the girls rooms are in one building and the boys in another, each floor has a dorm adviser who is in charge. All the student housing building have a common room with a microwave, t.v, and a sitting area. Hilo Academy has the nicest living quarters you'll see and has the second highest test scores in Hawaii.

Hilo high is the home of the Tsunami's, which are powerful unbeatable storms that can destroy anything in its path. Which is exactly what are sports and academic teams do, win. Hilo Academy has many different sports teams like surfing, rugby, soccer, volleyball, baseball, basketball,lax cross, tennis, and track. If you don't want to play a sport the Tsunami's also have a chess, math,debate,and science team. If there is a sport that you like and the tsunami's don't have then you can start one up your self. Hilo Academy has every thing that you could ever want in a school freedom, excellent education, and fun interesting classes.

For more info on what a Tsunami is and how strong they are go to http://nctr.pmel.noaa.gov/index.html
For more info on what type on marine life you could study or see go to http://www.hawaiiscubadiving.com/home/hawaiian-marine-life.html

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