Thursday, November 15, 2007

Denver, Colorado!

Denver is a rapidly developing city in Colorado! Trust me, this is the perfect place for a high school student! It's a fairly safe city, with lots of activities to do that don't revolve around drinking or gambling. That means no matter what age Melinda is, she can have fun!

Above I put a picture of a neighborhood and a nearby school, Hyde Park. The kids in this neighborhood are very friendly. Most of the Denver residents spend their time at the Colorado state parks, since this state is known for being physically active and with lots of outdoor activities. Most popular is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.

Denver is known for its friendly people. This is also a newly developing city, full of the newest technology and lots of employment opportunities. There is a large demographic of young professionals, followed by the baby boomer generation. This city understands the importance of a good education, so all the schools are well taken care of and are at the top of their game. The crime rates are also EXTREMELY low for this large of a city. There were only 11.1 murders in 2003! Wow, Denver!
Property crime is also half that of most large cities.

There is so much to do in Denver. There is great shopping, and it is easy to get to the areas of attraction because there is GREAT mass transportation! This city is very environmentally conscious, and makes it easy for large gropus of people to get around (so the traffic isn't that bad!). There are buses, Amtrak, and other opportunities to save your own gas.

Denver is PERFECT! To find out more go to their website!

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