Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Captain Cook High School Home Of The Captains

Named after the great Captain James Cook who is considered to be the first European Explorer to discover Hawaii. He was the first to establish the geographical coordinates to Hawaii's location. Captain Cook is remembered for his infamous cue against the oppressing chief. He failed and was killed by the chief's body guards. But it was Captain Cook's influence that gained Hawaii its popularity. Published tales about Cooks adventures in the Pacific and sparked interest, many came to see the beauty and stand in awe at what Hawaii had to offer. Cook can easily be cause for national awareness about Hawaii, and without him Hawaii would not be what it is today.

To honor his great legacy, a high school was named after him. Commonly referred to as Cook High's Cap'ns, the school is famous for its athletic following and ability. Opened in early 2000, the school has a new, fresh feel. With state of the art technologies and great staff the school is one of the best Hawaii has to offer. Cook High is locally known for its great football team. Pictured to the right is our mascot the captain holding a trophy, won at a football tournament.

Pictured to the left is the school campus located peacefully in suburban Honolulu. The school presents a very quiet and educational orientated environment. The campus looks over a beach and has a wonderful outdoor activity building which is key to the athletic focus of the school. Surfing, football, baseball, basket, tennis, and many other fields and courts are all on school grounds and are open for public use during non-school hours.


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