Thursday, November 15, 2007

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

How's your aim? Well if you want to live in Myrtle Beach you have one of two options. You can either be an excellent marksmen or get a bullet proof vest. Myrtle beach has the highest crime rate in America due to it's high rate of violent crime and property crime. On the bright side there is a fantastic beach that you see above. It's shores are white and the water is blue. You can hardly hear the ocean crashing into the waves over the gun shots but the scenery is still nice.

The ideal house in some parts of Myrtle beach look something like the one above. Nice isn't it? Many of the houses in Myrtle Beach are cozy like the one above and are good for the big families. If you think your family is too big for a house like this consider the fact that there are houses that home a family of nine the size of the one above.

There are many things to do here in Myrtle Beach. The main activity that many people like to do in this city is sit on their stoop in front of their homes. The beach is a nice place also but where better to hang out than your own territory? There is a little bit of gambling here but none of that casino crap. The old underground casino is the way we roll. Although it may get dangerous down there sometimes there is always the element of surprise which makes it that much more fun.

So grab your kid's leave your cat and dog, because they will probably end up running away anyway due to our high rate of runaway pets, and head South. If violence and crime isn't the right thing for you then don't come here. But if your looking to step out of the ordinary and live life on the edge we will be more than happy to welcome you with a complementary pair of shoelaces so when your on the run your shoes won't fall off your feet. And they are also harder for people to get off your feet if they are tied. Hopefully we'll see you soon!

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Hibbs said...

Wow this sounds invigorating!! It almost takes my breath away! All my solutions brought to one school:

- At the age of 7 months, my parents gave me a bullet proof vest because they are a little bit over protective , so i will fit in perfectly in this loving community!!

- I'm a pretty lucky guy when it comes to the fun 'ol community gambling fun.

-I hate pets, so i will feel EXTRA comfortable at a pet free campus.

- Lastly, I DONT WEAR SHOES! so i have no worries of getting them lost!

Thank you Soo Soo much for such an offer, this college is the perfect fit for me!