Monday, November 26, 2007

Mokihana High- Home of the Geckos

Mokihana High School is an accredited high school. It contains roughly 1200 students, so only about 300 students per grade. The class sizes are around 20 kids to a class making it easier for students to get the help they need. The high school offers a ton of different classes to fit all students needs. On top of the basics math, english, social studies, science, Mokihana offers classes such as film studies, ocean-ograpghy, marine biology, and wildlife 101. Gym classes often consisit of going to the beach and learning how to surf and wake board. Students get to spend a lot of time off camps to learn and enjoy all the wonders of the beautiful hawaiian islands. Students get plenty of opportunities to take field trips to learn about the mountains and volcanoes.
The campus its self is spread out. Students can enjoy a short nature walk from one building to the other for classes. At Mokihana we try to get kids to stay active while getting the best education they can.
Our sports team have won many state/island championships. From football and volleyball to the surf comepetition, the geckos have definitly proven themselves to be the team to beat.
The atmosphere at Mokihana is a very pleasent one. With one of the lowest drop out rates, and lowest supension/expelsion numbers in all of Hawaii, our students stay well behaved because they enjoy being in school so much. We do all that we can to make sure that they get a great education and enjoy the time they are here.
We have had some of the highest test scores reported in all of Hawaii, and an 90% success rate. (90% of all students who attend Mokihana will continue on to college once they graduate)
Become a Mokihana Gecko today!!!!

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