Monday, November 26, 2007

Kula High School, Home of the Chameleons!

Hello and Welcome to Kula High School, home of the Chameleons! Kula High has a great atmosphere full of exciting young kids. Kula High School is a public and coed high school. The school was established in 1970, and was renovated in 2006,it is one of the newest renovated school in Honolulu. It holds grades ninth through twelve graders .The school was once a middle school but it got a lot larger. It then became a high school. Kula High School is located in Honolulu in a suburban area and several miles away is the most beautiful volcano. The volcano is in a great location it is right next to the ocean and it over looks the entire city of Honolulu it is an amazing view.

As of 2006, the enrollment at Kula High School stands at 4,000 students. Kula High School is recognized for its academics, music and its sport acceivements. In 1995, the basketball team was the first team in Honolulu to go to state. The music program is also important for this high school because every student is required to try out for an music instrument. Athletics is also important, there are a variety of sports and clubs to join. Kula High School competes in baseball, basketball, bowling, paddle boating, cheerleading, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, wrestling and surfing. Surfing is the one of the most popular sport and club. Every year Kula High School competes with several schools in Honolulu and it gets very competitive.

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