Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rivendell, New Zealand

Rivendell, New Zealand is an area of natural beauty. Located on the edge of a gorge where it is surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls! We have the cleanest air known to man, drinking the purest water anyone has seen. Our city is both historical and modern! Our buildings made of stone and marble have held up over centuries, but with the new age coming upon us we have redone much of the interior. Here are a few pictures to let you get a feeling of what it is like:

This above is our High School campus, which is filled with amazing opportunities to live your life to the fullest.
Above hear is our Church Steeple that is full of glory and bliss which lies on a hilltop that looks across our beautiful land. With such an amazing view, how can you not connect with a higher power!

Above here we have a view of our high school campus which is connected to our town homes that are enormous. A man here is pondering the meaning of life and what it means. Here is his testimony.
" Rivendell, New Zealand is an area that full of pure perfection with abundant rivers, views that bring the most powerful to their knees, and the greatest scenery and air i have ever experienced! If i knew about this place when i was in high school, there is no question in my mind that i would have been here!"
He is one of thousands who have experience the joy of this amazing place like Rivendell.

But wait one minute, if you don't like us yet! Theres an unbelievable new age in which we have remodeled our houses to be completely modern so all of our citizens get the best of both worlds! With the greatest Technologies, and the most amazing outdoors known. Here is some pictures of the inside of our luxurious homes:

In a place like this there is nothing but OPPORTUNITY! Cliff jumping with your family outside your house. Canoeing down the river. Even live on the edge with base jumping off some of the largest mountains in the world. Heres a taste:

All in All Rivendell, New Zealand is a the Perfect place for you and your family to really get a feeling of the Fullness of life and to experience the greatness of both nature and technology. Some people ask me, " Why wouldn't people come here?" And i reply simply with, " I have no idea." This is THE place for all of you and i hope you come here to experience our city and our highschool!


Boeser said...

Oh great. Now my roommate wants to break our lease and go back to high school. She's 28, and has a teaching and a law degree, but Legolas has convinced her to move. Thanks. She says she wants to contemplate the meaning of life while engaging in archery. I'm not sure what that means. You said you would take anybody. Does this involve Super, super, super seniors?

imhungry4food said...

Josh your such a GEEK! Your post is almost as amusing as your wanna-be goatee. lol j/k love you!

Hibbs said...

Boeser: I am so overjoyed of your roommates remark! of course we would love her passion and wisdom to help as a mentor and student in some extra curricular classes.