Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Maki High School

Maki High School,
home of the Cuttlefish

A school located in Honolulu, this school is focused on academics as well as the culture of Hawaii as well as the US. We strive to be in the top as far as the fine arts (as well as more modern twists such as Computer graphics) as well as Mathematics. The school is held in high reguard in national rankings and has held some of the most prestigious Art shows on it's campus. Recently the math team had stolen 1st place from the previous champions in a overtime death match.

Our mascot, the Cuttlefish
This animal best represents our school as we may seem and sound harmless but we are among the most intelligent and vicious creatures on the ocean floor. The cuttlefish is a small creature with 8 arms and two tenticles used to capture it's pray. They are predators, like the school. we do not wait for our victories, we set out to find them. The cuttle fish can change colors on a whim, to show emotion of to envoke fear, again this is like us as we can change, for the better, to help us move forward and to connect with the changing times, to get our students better prepared and further ahead.
Also the Cuttle fish is cute. Like us! :D

Facts on The Cuttlefish

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