Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brainerd, Minnesota

Not only is Minnesota the land of ten thousand lakes but also Minnesota is one of the top states for a good high school education, and what better place to have a high school the Brainerd Minnesota. Originally territory of the Ojibwe tribe, this land is surrounded by over 460 lakes in a 25 mile radius. This small town of 13,178 people, has an amazing education system. The classes are smaller to alow more one on one time with the teachers, and a better chance of being in many different activities. In big cities with bigger classes, many children do not get the chance to learn as much as they could becuase of the huge population of students. The job opportunities are endless. It may be a small town, and there may not be as many malls or anything like that for a couple of miles, but what you get in return is something better. There are a million things to, the lakes are extremly relaxing, it is a great place to consintrat on school and get out an explore the fresh air. This city may be small but it does have a lot to offer a high school, and the students attending it.

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