Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dana Point, California

Come to the beautiful city of Dana Point, California! It's perfect for those who love the beach. We're right on the ocean with plenty of sun, sand, and waves! We're located in the Southern part of Orange Country, neighboring Laguna Beach and Capistrano Beach. In addition to the perfect location, Dana Point is the home of the Killer Dana, our legendary surf break. Dana Point is named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr., author of Two Years Before the Mast

We have a population of 35,110 (according to the 2000 Census) and we are rapidly growing. A slight majority of our population is retirees, but an increasing amount are families with children under the age of eighteen. For all the young families out there looking for a home, we have an award-winning school system! Send your high-schoolers to Dana Hills High School, the home of the Dolphins. The school days consist of two different days: and odd and an even day. They have three or four classes a day, depending on if the school is having a late start (which happens often!).

Dana Point has so many wonderful things to do! Its convienent location on the ocean makes the city a prime place for water sports. We often hold surfing competitions, jet skiing races and Dana Wharf Sportfishing (we once caught a record-setting shark offshore!). We have great shopping at the nearby Fashion Island, housing everything from Chip and Pepper to Bath and Body Works. Some of our best beaches include Salt Creek Beach and Doheney State Beach, where you can find some awesome waves. For a quality learning experience, come to the Ocean Institute, where you can learn about the different parts of the ocean and the history of California!

Dana Point is a great place to raise a family. Come and check it out today!

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