Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nene High! nest of the fighting goose!

hallo all, we are the fighting Geese and we are proud of it! we may be small, but we will totally bite your nose off! located a mile off the lava run off of a volcano, our large school has a great academic and sports program -not to mention a great view! we focus mainly on academics such as languages -we recently started to offer Chinese and Arabic- and world culture studies. while there are some pretty hot days in Hawaii, our school comes equiped with AC and a daily snack bar in the cafe. the lunchroom serves different cultural foods every week and there are many club activities advertised all over the walls. we have very accomplished sports teams- football being the main one. our female football team was ranked best in the state! it might help that there aren't many female foot ball teams, but oh well ^^

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